You booked your Disney vacation over six months ago. The anticipation is unbearable! Here are some fun ways to help your kids (and you) count down to the magical day!  

1. Make a paper chain. Remember counting down to Christmas using those? Use Mickey colors or favorite princess colors.
2. Watch Disney movies. One week before the trip, stack up seven movies, and watch one each night. This will help the kids countdown the days and get reacquainted with the characters.
3. Mickey Dry erase board. Print off a Mickey-themed picture and place it in a cheap frame with glass. Use a dry eraser marker to count the days down.
4. Paper bag surprise. A week before your trip, fill a paper bag with a Disney goody such as stickers, autograph books, penny bags for the penny-press, spending money, etc. Staple each bag and number the bag. Let the kids open a bag a day until you leave.
5. Print off a calendar representing 30 days before your trip. Let the kids place a sticker on each day until the day you leave. 

For more ideas, check out Me and The Mouse's special Pinterest Board, click here. There you will be able to find several other ideas for activities for your family's countdown to Disney!

I hope you and your family enjoy building the excitement before your big trip. Enjoy the magic!

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