The Viking River Cruises let you comfortably take in beautiful destinations, with your own city tour guide. Named "#1 river cruise line in the world," year after year, Disney's Viking River Cruises combine upscale accommodations with personal, intimate views of destinations, such as Germany, Switzerland, and France, that your family is guaranteed to remember for years to come.

Why Viking River Cruises?

The Viking Longships are known for their innovative, high-end designs that offer guests the best views of the world. Viking Cruise Ships are engineered to provide optimum viewing through large, expansive windows that won't obstruct a single part of your view.

Viking Cruises offer deluxe comfort unlike anything that can be found on other river cruises, such as:

  • European linens
  • Premium bath products
  • Private balconies
  • Luxurious lounges
  • World-class dining
  • Onboard activities

The Viking River Cruises are like no other cruise. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to providing you with the best service and help you become engulfed in the culture of the area you are visiting. Whether it's providing a wide range of onboard activities, live entertainment, or offering gourmet dining options that are sure to delight your family.

Why Should I Use a Travel Agent to Book a Viking River Cruise?

Choosing the Viking Cruise Lines for your family's destination cruise helps make local history come alive. While any travel agent can help you book a Viking River Cruise, if you want the best deals on room accommodations, local tours, and other services, you need to use a Viking-certified travel agent.

If you are ready to speak with our knowledgeable Viking Cruise Line travel agents about booking a memorable river cruise, call 855-764-2539 or get in touch with an agent today to start planning your family's trip.