One of my family's favorite attractions in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World is The Haunted Mansion. Set in a Louisiana plantation mansion, the attraction is home to 999 happy haunts. I love the queue, where you'll find a horseless drawn hearse, tombstones, and other interactive haunted objects to make your wait a little more fun.

Upon entering the mansion you will be escorted into a room with no windows and no doors. Watch the walls and ceiling as the room seems to grow before your very eyes. As lightning strikes, you will follow the passageway to your "Doom Buggy". This slow-moving ride takes you through the most haunted rooms of the mansion, where you will learn some interesting facts about the mansion's most popular and permanent residents.

As you twist and turn down the halls you will see spooky paintings, statues, books, and more. On your way, you will pass the dining room where ghosts will twirl through the room. Later on your trip, you will pass through my favorite scene, the graveyard. I can remember buying the "ghost dog leash" from this attraction on my very first trip to Walt Disney World. Towards the end of your trip, you will pass by mirrors and you might just see a hitchhiker tagging along.

Although this attraction is spooky and in the dark it is not scary, but some smaller children may be afraid. There is not a height restriction at this attraction, so guests of all ages can enjoy this ride. After your ride, don't forget to pick up a fun souvenir to remind you of your favorite happy haunt.

haunted mansion ghosts

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