Virgin Voyages has unique, immersive, and cultural experiences at every port! In Cozumel, you can venture to Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, swim and sun at the blue beaches, experience scenic tours, or taste food and drink perfected by this culture.

We chose to book a Shore Thing called “Margaritas and Chocolate Mixology” that took us to the Mayaland Cacao Company where we would learn about the Mayan culture, the history of cacao and tequila, and indulge in our own hand made margaritas! This was a fantastic experience!

Our tour guide, Roberto, met us at the end of the pier, and made us all feel welcome. This ‘shore thing’ capped at 12 guests, but our particular tour had only 8! Not only was our guide incredibly friendly, he was also one of the developers of this specialty tour to bring culture and fun to cruise travelers. You could tell he loved his job, and this topic was so important to him.

The cost of the taxi was included in our booking, and it was pre-arranged for us (both ways). After a 20 min drive, we arrived at the Mayaland Cacao Company, and were the first to embark on this chocolaty journey for the day. Immediately surrounded by tropical birds and plantlife, we were educated on the special place the cacao bean had in Mayan culture through museum exhibitions and demonstrations, and how creating chocolate can be a special process.

We tasted cacao beans, crushed them, mixed with other flavors, and tasted again. We also had a pumpkin seed paste with hand made tortilla shells and salsa with crazy hot salsa - all as a precursor to our margarita making/mixing/tasting session!

We were then ushered to a ‘house’ of sorts, where tables and benches were prepared with mixers and bar tools ready for us to create our concoctions. We created 3 different margaritas with the finest tequilas I’ve ever tasted! The first, a traditional lime margarita. The second, a pineapple margarita with fresh cut pineapple. And the third…the BEST chocolate margarita on the planet - made with chocolate nibs they produce, condensed milk, and the smoothest tequila (and a few other ingredients that escape me). Lining the cup with chocolate syrup - this went down like a milkshake, chewed like a Blizzard, and hit you like a shot of tequila!! It was FANTASTIC.

Their gift shop was full of every chocolate flavor and type they make. You also have souvenir photos of your experience you can purchase. While this ‘shore thing’ included all expenses for the tour and experience itself, as this is a museum and cultural center, they also asked for donations to the organization. We were happy to oblige.

As we created, drank, and talked, our entire group got to know each other and have a wonderful time. This 3 hour tour was certainly not long enough! We were complete with plenty of time to do something else in Cozumel or return to the ship for onboard fun. It was the perfect amount of time and distance from the port.

Our return back to the ship was filled with jokes, smiles, and everyone pleasantly surprised at not only how wonderful the experience was, but also how it was one of the best they’ve had in Cozumel! I would agree. Small group, culturally unique, and we created memories that will last a lifetime! It felt personal and special. I hope you choose this special ‘shore thing’ when you board Virgin Voyages for Cozumel! Ask your First Mate (travel specialist) to add your voyage!