For any Star Wars fan, visiting the planet Batuu on the outskirts of the galaxy is a dream come true and the ultimate ride is Disney’s Rise of the Resistance. This combines new technologies for a multi-layered experience.

As a hugely popular ride, you will need to arrive before park opening to make sure you can get into their virtual queue called a Boarding Pass, the moment the park officially opens. Boarding passes allow you to enjoy the rest of Batuu and the parks until your turn to join the line. This can only be obtained through the My Disney Experience app on your smartphone. You can set your phone to alert you when your boarding group is called or watch My Status to find out when it’s time to get in line. If you are in the middle of an Oga’s reservation or building your own lightsaber or droid when your time is called, there is some flexibility built into the time window as multiple boarding groups can board at the same time.

Once your boarding group is called, you will get into a relatively short queue to experience the ride. In the first room, you will be assigned your mission from BB-8 and a holographic Rey with help from some other friends. This is when the experience starts to get real. Walking outdoors to get to your transport ship, you need to quickly board the ship but as you can imagine, the mission is about to go awry as you get captured by the First Order and meet a platoon of Storm Troopers. Officers will then lead you to where you will be interrogated by Kylo Ren and General Hux.

Before the interrogation gets underway, the resistance finds you and the next part of your ride begins. Overriding the transport droids, you’ll begin to escape. The path of escape will have you encounter Kylo Ren, dodge cannons, duck from a lightsaber breaking through a ceiling, zoom past AT-AT walkers, and more surprises that I won’t spoil here.

Will you escape? You’ll have to experience the ride for yourself to find out if you do. Good luck and may the force be with you!

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