For the last 25 years, Disney guests have been splashing around at one of the greatest overlooked experiences on Disney property - Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon!  Disney is known for its great theming and Typhoon Lagoon does not disappoint. The details show evidence of the island paradise once wiped out by a typhoon; most notably, Miss Tilley’s shipwrecked shrimp boat on the top of Mount Meyday which erupts into a geyser every 30 minutes.

Typhoon Lagoon is home to a wide range of “mild to wild” water attractions, and is a great place to cool off during the hottest Disney summer months. At the center of the park is the surf pool, which is the largest man-made wave pool in North America.  The huge waves of the surf pool is one of the biggest draws to Typhoon Lagoon. Want to learn how to surf like a pro? Guests can before park opening, for a fee and must be booked in advance - but your lesson will be taught by seasoned surfers and breakfast is included!

Circling the entire park is Castaway Creek, a relaxing “lazy river” loop around Typhoon Lagoon with over 2,000 feet of surf carrying you in and out of caves, shade trees and other surprises along the way. Tubes, noodles, and life jackets are stationed at the many entrances of this attraction.

Along with the awesome surf pool and lazy river, Typhoon Lagoon is also home to some of the most fun and thrilling body and raft slides in the world.

  • Humunga Kowabunga: Fast body slide dropping at a 60 degree angle.
  • Crush ‘n’ Gusher: Wild water coaster thrill with climbs and dips.
  • Storm Slides: 3 mild body slides winding around beautiful tropical scenery.
  • Mayday Falls and Keelhaul Falls: Raft slides for 1-2 riders from the top of Mount Mayday
  • Gangplank Falls: A team raft ride for four adventurers
  • Small guests 4′ and under have their own area with slides, wading pools and interactive water play at Ketchakiddie Creek

Private Beachcomber Shacks and Getaway Glen Umbrellas can be reserved in advance, or upon arrival at Singapore Sal’s if available. Beachcomber Shacks are limited, but do come with premium amenities sure to satisfy your party of up to 6 people! But no worries - there are many lounge chairs and umbrellas you can grab on arrival, and locker storage areas to serve all your beachgoing needs!

H2Glow Parties are a NEW event at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and after hours includes, nighttime swim party with characters, lights, DJ’d music, and food!  Adults and children alike will love this special event. It does require separate admission, and only offered on certain nights in the summer.

Because all that swimming is bound to make you hungry, Typhoon Lagoon has several options for food.  There are several counter service restaurants serving hot dogs, chicken, Jalapeno Cheese Pretzels, burgers, and basic American cuisine, most of which carry Disney Dining Plan quick service and snack options. The Sand Pail Sundae found at Happy Landing Ice Cream is one of my favorites - with chocolate and vanilla soft serve, waffle cone pieces, sprinkles, hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry layered into a sand pail to be scooped out with a shovel.  Truly, an ice-cream lover’s dream!

Want to visit Typhoon Lagoon on your next visit to Disney? Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your water park experience:

  • Wear bathing suits without metal or rivets.
  • Life jackets for all are located throughout the park. Grab what you need!
  • Your magic band is safe to be worn in the pools and all the slides and is extremely convenient for scanning for payment and with the several photographers there to add to your Memory Maker!
  • You can also purchase waterproof gift cards on a wristband for payments during your watery stay

Remember Typhoon Lagoon to add some wonderful magic to your family’s next Disney summer vacation. Contact your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist today!