You’ve been to Disney many times. The food, the characters, the music, and the shows are all reasons for you to keep coming back. The roller coasters are themed well and so fun, but maybe a 5/10 on the thrill factor and you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. Look no further than Universal Orlando! There are so many high-intensity roller coasters at Universal Orlando that you will finish your day not knowing if you’re standing right side up! Here are a few of my “can’t miss” coasters at Universal Orlando:

1) Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure – Other than the fact that it being Harry Potter-themed automatically makes it awesome, this is the longest roller coaster ride in Florida. With speeds up to 50mph, this one isn’t slow either, and incorporating the story of being a student in a Magical Creatures Class, truly makes this coaster have it all.

Location: Islands of Adventure Thrill Level: 9/10

2) Rip Ride Rockit – When you are first arriving at Universal Studios, you will notice a big red and yellow coaster that stretches from the park entrance a good distance through the park. This coaster looks calm enough until you see the first climb is 180 degrees straight up in the air. Make sure you sit down quickly to choose your own background music for your ride because once this one starts going, you won’t have a second to think about it!

Location: Universal Studios Thrill Level: 8/10

3) Revenge of the Mummy – This coaster automatically makes my list for the fact that the queue is indoors. While more of a mild ride, I love the story of the Mummy and the great special effects Universal is known for all incorporated in this roller coaster. If you need to warm up a little before you hit the big coasters, start here!

Location: Universal Studios Thrill Level: 5/10

4) Escape From Gringotts – Walk right in the line and you are ACTUALLY IMMERSED in the Bank of Gringotts. Of all of the rides in Orlando, this queue is the most breathtaking and realistic experience. Once on the ride, this is a combination between a roller coaster and a 3D simulator experience taking you on an adventure through Gringotts with all your favorite Harry Potter heroes and villains.

Location: Universal Studios Thrill Level: 6/10

5) Incredible Hulk – This big green monster is located right in the front of Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park and looks even more intimidating the closer you get to it. If I were to compare the beginning of this ride to anything, I think it is as close to being shot out of a canon as it gets. AND IT NEVER SLOWS DOWN! While Hulk is my favorite coaster in Orlando, it is so intense that I can only ride it once per trip, but I savor every second of it!

Location: Islands of Adventure Thrill Level: 10/10

Universal Orlando is currently open with social distancing and other CDC guidelines in place. Contact your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist to book a thrilling vacation package at Universal Orlando.