A fun feature when visiting Disney's magical theme parks is that you can take advantage of the Magic Band, an all-in-one wearable device that makes it easy to enjoy your time at Walt Disney World. But did you know that your Apple Watch may be used as a Magic Band? An Apple Watch can be a valuable asset on a visit to Walt Disney World. It can provide you with accurate wait times, keep you updated with park hours, keep you in touch with your family, show you where to find the nearest restroom, and more!

While using an Apple Watch doesn't replace a smartphone for all of the tools that are available for a Walt Disney World vacation, it does offer some unique and convenient features.

Here are my top 5 favorite features to use with your Apple Watch at Walt Disney World.

1. Use it as a theme park ticket.

Easily enter the theme parks by scanning your Apple Watch at the theme park entrance.

2. Use it to pay for on-property purchases.

Okay, maybe I should've made this my top favorite! I LOVE being able to scan my Apple Watch for any purchase on Disney property. The convenience of this feature allows you to easily pay and be on your way again.

3. Use it to navigate the parks.

There are times when you may need help navigating how to get where you are going most efficiently. Your Apple Watch can provide you with this assistance!

4. Use it to scan into your Genie + and Lightning Lane Attractions.

Easily scan into all of your Genie + and Lightning Lane Attractions and be on your way to enjoying that attraction!

5. Room Key Options

At this point, your iPhone can be used to open your resort room door in lieu of your apple watch. Tip: Make sure that you have express mode turned on for both your iPhone and Apple Watch. This will allow you to use both of these devices without needing to unlock them each time you choose to use it.

So how do make sure you are set up to use Disney's MagicMobil Pass on your Apple Watch? Download the My Disney Experience app on your phone then:

1. Open the app.
2. Sign in.
3. Tap on the three lines in the bottom right-hand corner.
4. Choose Disney Magic Mobile Pass.
5. Select- Set Up Your Pass.
6. Choose a theme for your ticket.
7. Tap- Add to Apple Wallet.

There are some minimum device requirements to verify on your device before being able to use it at Walt Disney World. Your Apple Watch requires iOS 7.3 or later and must be compatible with Apple Wallet. I also recommend you have the Bluetooth feature set to on and that you can see the My Disney Experience app located in the icons on your Apple Watch. If you are an Apple Watch owner I highly recommend trying it on your next Walt Disney World vacation. Do you have a different favorite feature of the Apple Watch while on a Walt Disney World vacation? Let the Me and The Mouse team know!