There is so much to think about when planning a Walt Disney World vacation. While your focus is probably on booking hotels, getting your hands on park tickets, and making sure everyone has enough clean clothing to last the duration of your trip, it is easy to overlook a very important part of your vacation...the stroller. Now, don’t panic! If you find yourself stroller-less as you disembark your flight, or stumble out of your car after a road trip that felt like it would never end, there are plenty of options available to you once you reach Orlando.

When choosing a stroller option there are three things to consider.

1. Convenience
2. Needs
3. Price

What Options are Available?

Bring a stroller from home.

Bringing a stroller from home can be a great option. It makes sense if you have room in your car, or don’t mind bringing an oversized piece of luggage on your flight. This way, you can guarantee you have a stroller to get to and from your terminal, between parks and resorts, and around Disney Springs. It is also likely the cheapest option, so if you’re on a budget this is a great choice.

Buy a stroller in Orlando.

I know this sounds like an expensive option, but stroller rental fees can add up quickly, and you can likely get by for the duration of your trip with an inexpensive stroller. While it may lack the bells and whistles of your stroller back home, a small, inexpensive stroller may be just what you need for your park adventures. Small, foldable strollers, are easy to navigate through large crowds of theme park guests. They are easy to take on Disney’s various modes of transportation. They also don’t take up much space in your hotel room. Plus, rental strollers all look the same. It is so much easier to find your own in the sea of strollers after you get off a ride. And, at the end of your trip, you can leave the stroller behind, and even hand it off to another family. The look of gratitude you will receive as you hand a stroller to a fellow stroller-less parent may be enough to make this the right choice for you. You can even purchase strollers from various stores throughout the parks and resorts for a fraction of the cost of a multi-day stroller rental.

Rent a stroller from within the parks.

This option allows you to rent a stroller for a single day or your entire length of stay (for a discounted price). Disney also offers the option of renting a single or a double stroller. These rentals are on a first-come-first-serve basis, though Disney rarely runs out. Disney doesn’t let you take its strollers from park to park, or back to your resort. You must pick up a stroller at the front of each park and return it before you leave. Even if you are park-hopping, you will need to return your stroller before moving to the next park. If you rent a stroller at Disney Springs, a $100 deposit is required. This deposit is refundable once your stroller is returned. You may like this option if you aren’t park-hopping, or don’t want to haul a stroller from park to park.

Rent a stroller from a reputable stroller provider in Orlando.

There are a lot of reputable stroller companies, but ScooterBug is Disney World’s Featured Provider. If you rent a stroller from ScooterBug, Cast Members will work directly with them to arrange stroller deliveries and returns. That means you don’t have to be present at your Walt Disney World resort at the time of delivery, making it extremely convenient. If you choose to rent from a different stroller provider, you will have to be present at the time your stroller is delivered to your resort and make the arrangements yourself (with the help of your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist). Another Orlando area provider, Kingdom Strollers, gives you the option to book a stroller in advance and pick it up from and return to the Orlando International Airport. If you choose to rent from a stroller provider you will have an abundance of stroller types to choose from. They offer baby strollers as well as a variety of single and double stroller options. Prices will vary from company to company, depending on the type of stroller you select, and the length of your rental. For current pricing, ask your Travel Specialist.

Still undecided? Your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist can help you make the right choice for your family’s needs.