There are so many reasons to bring a hat with you on your vacation- no matter the destination. I always bring a hat for sun protection or warmth depending on the destination but have struggled with how to pack or carry my hat without causing damage to it.

After years of trial and error, I am happy to share my best tips with you!

The first thing you need to decide is how you’d like to carry your hat. If it’s an expensive hat, you probably want to pack it in its original box that it came with or simply wear it.

If that isn’t an option. Here are some options for carrying your hat with you outside of a bag.

The Bag Method

If you need to keep your bag with you, a specialty tote bag made for hats is a great option. This allows a little extra protection for the shape of the crown since you can use the plastic hat form that came with your hat underneath. If your hat didn’t come with a plastic form, they are relatively inexpensive to buy on the internet. This bag is so useful at your destination. Bring it to the beach, around a town you’re exploring, to the pool, etc. It’s the right combination of compactness and utility, and these bags are easily found online- just search for “hat tote bag.”

The Magnetic Clasp Method

Magnetic clasps for hats are widely available on the internet. This is a great option if you need something that allows you to put your hat on and take it off easily. The strong magnet used in the clasp allows access to the hat on the outside of your bag, but also security that it won’t fall off easily. And I love that I can move the tag easily from bag to bag.

The Clip Method

Much like the magnetic method, the clip method allows you to attach your hat to any bag via a metal clip, but this is the most secure option! The elastic band allows some give to hat as it moves along with you. And one of the big perks of this method is that you can also move the clip from bag to bag depending on which one you’re using that day.

If you prefer not to carry your hat with you, here is the best way I’ve found to pack it securely.

The Suitcase Method

If you prefer to pack your hat in your suitcase, here are my best tips and tricks.

1. Start by using either the plastic crown insert that came with your hat or one you purchased to support its shape.
2. Place the hat upside down into your suitcase.
3. Support the weight of the brim with soft items you are packing: clothing, beach towels, etc. Avoid heavy and rigid items like shoes and toiletry bags.
4. Keep building up the area around the hat until the brim is supported.
5. Make sure to fill the space inside the crown of the hat with small items such as socks or leggings. Not only does this help maximize your packing space, but it adds additional support to the structure of the hat.

And now you’re packed like a travel agent!

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