Artist Point, located in Disney Wilderness Lodge, is a favorite signature dining restaurant in Walt Disney World. They recently made a change (in December 2018), to a character experience known as Storybook Dining! This new family favorite restaurant will not only delight your taste buds but will also excite the kid in all of us with a unique character experience!

Upon arrival, a brief ‘story’ is told of who will visit you during your dinner experience as well as the proper way to address The Queen! Snow White, Dopey, and Grumpy will also visit guests with The Queen.

You will notice lovely woodland decor at every turn, twinkle lights, and a storybook in the center of the dining room.  A Lazy Susan at your table resembles a great oak tree with leaves designed to hold both your appetizers and desserts! Signed ‘apples’ tie your silverware together.

Snow White is introduced and dances throughout the dining room and then begins her rounds with table meet and greets.  About half-way through her visits, Dopey and Grumpy are introduced with much of the same fanfare. Snow White, Dopey, and Grumpy begin with a friendly dance and become very interactive!  They will then greet tables following Snow White’s path.

During your dining experience, The Queen will arrive while scaring the Dwarfs and Snow White and will take up residence in front of her storybook pages. It is there she is available for photo opportunities but beware; you must honor The Queen properly otherwise, she may not cooperate for photos or even tell you to go back to your table! Meeting The Queen was really a fun experience!

Now onto the meal! Appetizers and desserts are on the pre fixe menu. Children can be given their own crudites plate for an appetizer if they wish. A pot-pie, a spicy shrimp cocktail, and a squash bisque are fancily displayed for all to share. As for desserts, an apple mousse, a ‘miners treasure’ layered cake, and a gooseberry pie are offered. All were scrumptious!

Your entrees` and drinks are ordered upon your arrival and delivered to your table. There are themed drinks available for adults and children as well as standard tea, soda, or water. There are exquisite chef-designed and prepared dishes for the adults and healthy options are available for children’s dishes as well. We enjoyed the prime rib with Hollandaise mashed potatoes and the snapper dish with vegetable risotto. So delicious! The prime rib melts in your mouth.

Looking for dietary accommodations? No worries! Note your allergies or restrictions when booking your reservation. Not only will your server verify all your needs but will have the chef visit your table if it is necessary. We had many allergies to address as well as a diabetic in our party. We were accommodated with alternatives or were directed to what was safe to order. They were amazing to accommodate!

Overall, this is a dining experience NOT TO MISS! If you are on the dining plan, it is currently only 1 Table Service credit per person.  This would be an amazing use of a credit not only for characters but for the level of culinary experience.  Contact your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist today to add the Storybook Dining experience to your next Walt Disney World vacation!