Nothing is more exciting than going on a Disney Cruise.  The best thing about a Disney Cruise in my opinion is Castaway Cay – Disney’s Private Island! Most Disney cruises to the Bahamas and Caribbean include one and sometimes two stops to this amazing destination. This location has many activities to be enjoyed for the young to the young at heart. My must-do during the day at Castaway Cay is to snorkel in the crystal-clear waters.

Castaway Cay has a 22-acre snorkeling lagoon just off the family beach area. The snorkeling path is filled with all kinds of sunken treasures including a shipwreck and even some hidden Mickeys. The treasures are marked with buoys so that you know which direction to go while in the water. Plenty of different fish will also be swimming all around you. A net does surround the area to prevent large marine life from coming in but keep in mind you are in the open ocean so on occasion, you may encounter a few surprises.

On my last trip, I found Dory! As I was following her around, I encountered one of those surprises. A barracuda came swimming right past me, but it had no interest in me or even any of the little fish around me. Other snorkelers have also reported seeing a small nurse shark in the lagoon area. A good tip to keep in mind while swimming in the ocean is to avoid wearing anything shiny, like jewelry. Fish are attracted to shiny things so not wearing them in the water might lessen your chances of any surprises. Remember, you’re bigger than they are so they’re more scared of you than you are of them.

Snorkeling equipment is available for rent from 2 locations on the island. Gil’s Fins and Boats and Flippers and Fins. Prices are $34 per adult ages 10 and up and $18 for children ages 5-9. You can also get the Castaway Cay Getaway Package which includes your snorkeling gear and a float for the day and a 1-hour bike rental. This is $39/adult and $19/child. Bringing your own gear is also an option if you would prefer. Everyone who enters the lagoon must wear a yellow inflatable vest. Snorkel vests are free and can usually be found hanging on the lifeguard stands all around the family beach. For a unique adventure that’s fun for almost everyone, be sure to check out the snorkeling lagoon on your next Disney Cruise!