You’ve selected your perfect Disney Cruise Line itinerary. With all the exciting destinations offered, you have completed the hardest step! Next, let’s help you determine what kind of stateroom will best fit both your family’s needs as well as your budget.

There are four main categories of staterooms on a Disney ship: Inside, Oceanview, Verandah, and Concierge.

An inside stateroom (no windows to the outside) is the least expensive category. If you really want to cruise but see your room as only a place to sleep, or if the price difference between an inside stateroom and a verandah is make or break for you going on the cruise, an inside stateroom might be the answer for you!

is a larger space and offers fresh light and a beautiful view. Depending on the ship and stateroom, you may have 1 or 2 non-opening portholes to look out of.

If you would enjoy sitting and watching the world pass by, or if you tend to get a bit queasy from motion on the water, a verandah offers you a quiet place to sit back, relax and grab some fresh ocean air. A verandah is especially nice for extra special itineraries, such as Alaska or the Mediterranean where the scenery is a huge part of the cruise experience.

For the finest in staterooms and service, concierge level staterooms offer you the most space, including a separate sleeping area and a larger verandah.

There are also other considerations when selecting your stateroom – placement on the ship (forward, middle, or aft), higher or lower deck, proximity to certain interests (dining areas, kids’ club areas), combatting seasickness, quieter areas, and so much more.

Your Me and The Mouse Travel specialist knows lots of secrets to specific staterooms on each ship to not only get you the best stateroom but also the best view! Let us help recommend the perfect stateroom onboard and plan the perfect Disney cruise for you and your family!