The newest Walt Disney World ride, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, is not one to miss! This new family-friendly attraction offers a state-of-the-art ride vehicle with visual effects technology. This ride can be found in the previously occupied Chinese Theatre at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The glowing sign offers an exciting entrance to an attraction unlike any other at Walt Disney World. I had the opportunity to enjoy this attraction in March and again since the phased re-opening.

The first thing I noticed was the similarities to the Great Movie Ride. When you first enter the queue and step into the building, it was reminiscent of the previous attraction. As you moved through the queue, a noticeable difference would be the newly added movie screens that feature the animated Mickey shorts.

Prior to the closing of Disney Park’s in March, the experience in the waiting queue was different. The animated short, “The Perfect Picnic” is not currently being presented since the phased re-opening. Physical distancing is maintained throughout the queue and on the attraction.

Next, you will enter the train loading station. Many times, rides at the Disney parks have a “preferred” seat. However, this ride offers a unique perspective in all seats within the train cars. After being seated, you are immediately immersed in the ride experience! The trackless vehicles guide you through each of the different scenes. Many of the iconic characters such as Daisy, Minnie, and Mickey are featured throughout the ride! Goofy even happens to be your train conductor!

This attraction is a ride for all ages and does not have a minimum height requirement. After dancing with Daisy and riding with Goofy, you too will want to ride this attraction every time you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios!