When you think of theme-park food, it doesn’t usually conjure up images of delectable cuisine, but Mythos at Islands of Adventure (IOA) changed that perception for us and all by happenstance. Jason and I just recently took a trip to Universal Orlando Resort and wanted to hit up IOA to ride Hagrid’s after a very relaxing day at Volcano Bay. (Side note: Hagrid’s might be the best ride I’ve ever ridden. I highly recommend it). Anyway, we were making our way through IOA when we encountered the “towering rock formations, cascading waterfalls, and ancient figures carved” into the rock that is the restaurant which was intriguing in and of itself. We took one look at the menu and knew right away we had to eat there!

We were extremely fortunate as they were able to seat us in the indoor dining room within 10 minutes without reservations, although they do usually recommend that you have one. They also have outdoor seating, but the inside is such a cool experience as you are seated in a cavernous grotto, that I would recommend as well. Upon being seated, we were advised of the restaurant’s Covid procedures and we used the camera on our phones to snap a picture of the QR code on the table to pull up the menu which offers Greek, Asian, and American fare. For a starter, we opted for the Spanakopita Dip which was delicious. I am a huge fan of Greek food and this did not disappoint. It was a blend of spinach, feta cheese, lemon, and fresh herbs, served with fresh pita chips seasoned with za’atar spice. Definitely, a must-try for a fun twist on the traditional spanakopita.

We ran into some trouble deciding on entrees because everything looked amazing! From Butternut Squash Ravioli and Wild Mushroom Barley Risotto to Gnocchi Bolognese and Mediterranean Braised Lamb Shank, the decision was definitely a difficult one. I waffled between the Mediterranean Braised Lamb Shank and the Fork, Knife, and Spoon Grilled Cheese. I ultimately ordered the Lamb Shank with red wine rosemary-infused polenta, rapini, lemon gremolata, and natural braising jus, and questioned my decision until I took the first bite. It was incredible and every single bite was delicious! I later recommended Mythos to a friend who did order the grilled cheese sandwich made with a three-cheese blend, set in a Tuscan tomato soup, with crispy pork belly, and house-made chips. That proved to be amazing as well so you can see my dilemma. Jason ordered the Pad Thai and loved his dish also!

I still had half of my food left because the portions were so large, but I couldn’t leave without trying dessert. That’s a cardinal rule I rarely break. We decided to try the Chocolate Banana Gooey Cake which was a flourless chocolate cake drizzled with caramel sauce, ice cream (comes with peanut butter but we subbed in vanilla), and candied bananas. It was heavenly! Unsurprisingly, I could not eat all of that either so we requested to-go containers. Pro-tip, get coffee cups with lids instead of large containers so you can transport leftovers a little easier.

Our night ended by riding Hagrid’s two more times (maybe wouldn’t recommend this for most right after a big meal), and then I got to enjoy the rest of dessert on our stroll back to the resort. I would definitely say that Mythos can’t be missed on your next trip to Islands of Adventure!