Tackle Sensory Overload at DisneyLast month, I discussed tips on how to prepare and items to bring to hopefully avoid sensory overload. {You can read about it, here!} As a mom of a son living with Fragile X Syndrome, the leading cause of inherited intellectual impairment and leading known genetic cause of Autism, I feel as if I am always anticipating what could be a potential trigger for overload.  Sometimes, even the best-laid plans don’t work out.  A storm can pop up, a ride can have a temporary closure, or fireworks can suddenly go off from a show that you didn’t even realize was taking place!! I have put together a list of tips/suggestions for managing overload once it has reached near overflow!


  1. Baby Care/First Aid Station:

    Although you do not “need” any aid, this is often an area with air conditioning, seating and simply a quiet place out of the hustle and bustle.

    Tackle Sensory Overload at Disney

  2. Snack/Meal/Treat Break: 

    There are endless options. Look for an air conditioned location and often you can find a quiet corner, out of the way, to decompress.  Ask a cast member for suggestions if you don’t readily see a quiet place.

  3. Park Specific Options:

    This is not a comprehensive list, but giving you some options and ideas:

Magic Kingdom – Railroad (we often ride it around, sometimes more than once when overload is peeking), TTA- People Mover, Garden Area behind the Ye Old Christmas Shop

Epcot – The Land (Ride and Sunshine Seasons), Friendship Boats in the World Showcase, Garden Area in France, Fountain Area Outside of the Pixar Shorts Attraction

Animal Kingdom – The Safari (There is some talking and stopping, but a great place to decompress.), Restaurantosaurus has many quiet corners to cool off and relax

Hollywood Studios – Frozen Sing Along (Yes, there is music and singing, but it is cool and the music is familiar.), Benches Outside the Hollywood Brown Derby (Extra Bit: There are restrooms nearby too!)  ABC Commissary/Backlot Express

Tackle Sensory Overload at Disney

  1. Transportation:

    For my family, leaving the park before the dreaded meltdown occurs is essential. Riding the monorail or bus provides a slow rhythmic option to help decrease the overload.  I am ashamed to admit how many times I have gotten sleepy on the trip back to the resort!  There are also boat options to select resorts from all parks except Animal Kingdom.

  2. Resort Pool:

    Even a quick trip to the pool can be beneficial! This is one of our best strategies for managing sensory overload.

  3. Nap/Sleeping in:

    We all want to maximize our time when visiting a Disney destination. Detouring from the schedule to rest may be just the right thing to do! Fatigue makes it even harder to manage sensory overload.
    Tackle Sensory Overload at Disney

  4. Cast members:

    If you are in need of assistance, difficulty finding a quiet place or you fear you are nearing the brink of overload, ask for help!


I am mindful of sensory needs/overload and am happy to help you plan your next trip to a Disney Destination with your needs in mind! Visit our Contact Page to speak with one of our amazing and talented agents!