Have you ever wanted to view Walt Disney World from another perspective? Picture yourself 400 feet above Disney Springs with 360 degrees views that include Spaceship Earth, Tower of Terror, and Magic Kingdom. Above, you are 210,000 cubic feet of helium, filling a hand-painted balloon that moves gently with the wind, and giving you 8 minutes of peace to take in 10 miles of gorgeous views.

The Aerophile – The World Leader in Balloon Flight, is located in Disney Springs and is a perfect experience for guests on their arrival or departure day, or anytime when you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the parks. Once tickets are purchased and waivers are signed, you line up for your experience under the shade of several umbrellas until it is your turn to board. Family groups are called one by one and your family will have your picture taken with the balloon in the background, having the option to purchase those pictures after you descend. Boarding those in wheelchairs first, the rest of the guests proceed up a small set of steps to a circular ring platform with netting enclosing the upper area. Up to 29 guests can be carried on the balloon and while you are required to hold on for the take off and landing, once you are up high, you can carefully move around the platform to take in all the views.

Although I am apprehensive of heights, this ride moves slowly and is not intimidating in any way. While stronger winds can be felt, the balloon is tethered such that a small, gentle breeze is refreshing and any slight movement is forgotten as you take in the sights all around you. Daytime and nighttime rides will feel like completely different experiences as daytime rides allow you to view the details of the Walt Disney World property and nighttime rides, on a clear night, allow you to view lights and fireworks from the parks and Disney Springs itself. Soaring in the air, you will have a smile of awe on your face as you try to take everything in and before you know it, you will be holding on for the descent, wishing you had more time to process all you viewed.

Tickets for Aerophile are purchased on a first-come first-served basis in Disney Springs. Be sure to check the weather before you arrive as it will not operate in inclement weather nor in winds over 22mph. Contact your Me and the Mouse Travel agent to schedule time in Disney Springs to experience this breath-taking adventure!

Michelle Browne

Travel Specialist