Howdy, Partner! It's time to roundup the TOYS and have a delicious meal at one of the best Quick Service restaurants at Hollywood Studios! Woody's Lunchbox is the newest Quick Service restaurant located in the new Toy Story Land.

Woody’s Lunch Box features classic American food, old-fashioned soda floats and other Toy Story-themed specialties (try the Mystic Portal Punch). Woody’s Lunch Box participates in the Disney Dining Plan as a counter service credit and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You will delight in seeing how items from inside Andy’s lunchbox form the restaurant’s structures and seating area. From the lid of Andy's lunchbox, to his Woody's Roundup thermos and a note from Andy's mom, guests will delight in this immersive experience in dining in Andy's backyard.

What is there to eat in Andy’s backyard? BBQ Brisket Melt, Tomato-Basil Soup, Three-Cheese Sandwich, “Totchos" (potato barrel nachos), and Lunch Box Tarts are just a few of the highlights of this unique menu. Woody's Lunchbox does not have a lot of seating and all seating is outside! On hot days, you will enjoy the variety of cool beverages on the menu, including a variety of floats, alcoholic beverages and "Grown-Up's" Lemonade I recommend dining at an off time to avoid crowds.

Woody’s Lunch Box is a welcome addition and my new go-to counter service location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As you explore Andy's backyard and all the new "toys", be sure to make time to stop by Woody's Lunchbox for a tasty dish. On your way you might even meet the rootinest, tootinest, cowboy in the wild, wild west........Sheriff Woody!!!