After a long day in the theme parks, many visitors in the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, like to spend their evenings in Downtown Disney.  Shopping, dining, and live music are always a treat and Downtown Disney has no shortage of any!

At Black Tap, a fast, casual dining location, you’ll find a long line. A line that one might not want to wait in just for a burger and milkshake. But oh, it is very worth it!  Because it’s not just a burger or just a milkshake…

Black Tap has the line-wait down to a science, really! What looked like an hour wait, was about 20 minutes to get to the ordering counter. Once in line, your party name and size are taken, and you are offered a menu to start planning your meal. This is a quick-service location with a large dining area, so it holds and moves an enormous number of guests. Once through the line, almost to check out, you are given a pager – then you order your meal at the counter, give them your pager number, and drinks/cups are distributed. There are then hosts waiting to seat you – your food will be brought out to you shortly thereafter! From getting in line to sitting at our table probably took a total of 30 minutes.  It was extremely efficient for a very busy evening!

Cheeseburgers, Pizza Burgers, and a chocolate chip cookie milkshake were soon brought to our table.  The burgers were fresh and about a ½ pound of beef. French fries were large, freshly-cut, and had that amazing crunchy exterior as if they had been lightly battered. The milkshake was more than enough for 3 people – and it was topped with an entire ice cream cookie sandwich!  You would NOT believe this is a quick-service restaurant as the quality was that of a gourmet restaurant, and the atmosphere was fun and inviting – not one to quickly usher you out!

I’m a sucker for pizza burgers. Growing up, we had this mom and pop diner that was known for its pizza burger and garlic fries – Gross’ Burgers pizza burgers cannot be beat!  And yet, here I sat at Black Tap, in the beautiful Disneyland Resort, reevaluating my pizza burger preferences! This burger was smothered in mozzarella cheese, with 2 fried mozzarella wedges, the burger seasoned like one would a meatball, the bun just toasted enough to give it that crisp first bite, and it came with a side dish of marinara sauce for dipping. It was so delicious; I honestly think I ate the whole thing in under 5 minutes! While I still love my Gross’ Burgers, Black Tap has stolen my heart. What an amazing burger!

If you are looking for that unique experience and still want delicious food, but don’t want to worry about reservations…Black Tap is the place to try!  It was probably my favorite dining experience from my entire Disneyland Resort trip!

Let it be yours too. Contact your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist today to book your next Disneyland Resort adventure – and visit Black Tap yourself!

Amy Sowinski

Travel Specialist