Have you heard of Adventures by Disney?  I have found that many Disney lovers are not aware of Adventures by Disney and all it has to offer.

Traveling with Adventures by Disney is a hidden Disney gem that is best known for immersing guests in the cultures and stories of unique worldwide destinations. There are so many fun and interesting destinations to choose from.  If you are interested in seeing more of the United States, you might consider touring New York, San Francisco, Wyoming, Arizona, Philadelphia or Washington. If you decide to embark on an awesome International adventure, you might consider Australia, China, Italy, France, Ireland, Switzerland, South Africa or the Canadian Rockies just to name a few.  This best kept secret offers an amazing value for your vacation dollars. Here are some of the reasons to inquire about traveling with Adventures by Disney.

Adventures By Disney

Hotels – Disney chooses hotels that are centrally located to your destination. You can be assured you will enjoy the Disney standards that you have experienced during your travel history with Disney.

Dining – You will enjoy exquisite local flavors to excite your palate. You may also have opportunities to explore some dining locations on your own, but of course, Disney guidance is available as your Adventure by Disney tour guide also acts as your concierge.

Hassle-Free – Disney will take away the hassles of planning your own trip.  After all, Disney knows the best places to visit so you don’t have to. You do not have to worry about logistics, schedules, or handling your luggage.  All you need to do is show up!

Safety – While traveling at home or abroad, you can be assured that Disney puts the safety of you and your family first and foremost.  Disney has Plan A, B, C & D. If something unexpected arises in any location you and your family are visiting, you can rest easy that Disney has a backup plan to allow for an uninterrupted trip.

Personal Guides – Most travel includes two Adventures by Disney guides throughout your tour.  Having two guides allows for ultimate service making sure every detail gets special attention. They are skilled storytellers to enhance your travel experience and entertain you.

Local Guides – Local guides are scheduled as well to immerse you in the culture of your destinations.

VIP Treatment and Access – Being a Disney VIP maximizes your valuable time.  Disney has connections and arranges appointments and access in advance with exclusive access and privately guided tours after hours.

Added Value – While your family creates memories, your guides will take charge of capturing your experiences with photos of these magical moments.  All you will need to do is download these photos when you return home.

After considering all of the above-mentioned features, I hope that you have a better understanding of Adventures by Disney travel and can appreciate the value that Disney offers.  Disney knows how valuable family time is with busy schedules and stress in our everyday lives. Disney understands and believes that vacations should be a time to relax and unwind with the family.  If you are looking for fun and adventure, and decide to give travel with Adventures by Disney a chance, you will find that Disney meets and exceeds your expectations.

You may already be a Walt Disney World expert and are looking for a different and unique adventure, but still want to experience the magic of Disney.  If this describes your family, contact your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist to gather more information about this hidden gem.

Thank you for traveling with me today!