Have you ever wondered what Disney World looks like through the eyes of a seven-year-old?  Do they really appreciate all the magic or do we just convince ourselves of that?

Sitting down with my seven-year-old son the other night, we had a conversation that went down the Disney path (which frequently happens with our conversations) and it led me to ask him some pointed questions. Questions that might just help you as you plan your trip with a school-aged child and I thought some of his answers were great! Note: this particular seven-year-old has been to Disney over....well, a lot in his short life so far.  He knows the parks inside and out and has been on every single ride that he is able to go on due to height restrictions. Some he may never go on again because the thrill just isn't for him (i.e. Space Mountain & Everest).

I had him focus on his two favorite parks and here's what we found:

Animal Kingdom tops the charts for him for parks, "There's so much to do AND see - animals and rides and it feels like you are somewhere else."  Pretty insightful for a seven-year-old, I thought!  Here are his favorites in the AK:

Favorite Rides:

1. Avatar Flight of Passage - "It feels so cool riding the bike, and wearing the glasses makes it like you are actually there." I will agree that Flight of Passage is probably the coolest ride I've ever been on and it tops the charts for me across all of WDW.
2. Kilimanjaro Safari - "Every time we go we see something different!"  He's right!  As many times as I have been on the safari ride, I still learn something new every single time we go.  

Favorite Food:

1. Simba Ice Cream Sandwich - "It's bigger than my head!" We went twice last year while this was a special at Tamu Tamu, they no longer serve it but it was pretty awesome.  You can still get a great ice cream sandwich over at Dino-Bites in DinoLand USA.

Favorite Show:

1. It's Tough to be a Bug - "I love when the spiders come out and when the ants crawl under your seat." I think this attraction appeals to the school-aged child a lot - and as a parent, I always appreciate a break from the hot sun!

He also felt the need to note a couple of things he didn't like at Animal Kingdom. 

1. The ride Dinosaur "It's a little too scary for me right now" It can be intense for a child that doesn't yet realize those dinos are not coming to get you.
2. Triceratop Spin "I think I'm a little bit too old for this right now!" This made me laugh out loud as we used to wait in line for Dumbo at Magic Kingdom when he was 4 for hours because it was all he wanted!

Next up was Hollywood Studios for him and here's what he had to say:

Favorite Rides:

1. Slinky Dog Dash - "I love how fast it goes without making me feel funny, like my belly doesn't hurt."  This is a family favorite, it's a ride all of us enjoy and we always have big smiles on!
2. Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run - "Mom, it's like you're actually in Star Wars and driving the ship, it's so cool!" Admittedly, I am not near the Star Wars fan that my husband and son are and they both totally geeked out pretty much the entire time we were waiting and in the ride itself

Favorite Food/Drink:

1.Blue Milk in Galaxy's Edge - "It's yummy, like bananas and it came with a cookie on top!".  Remember I said he was a big Star Wars fan...

Favorite Show:

1. The Indiana Jones' Stunt Spectacular - "There are fire and explosions and you think they are going to get hurt but they show you how they don't!" In some ways, I assume this is every little boys' dream to see this stuff, although my daughter (and husband for that matter!) is captivated too.  Mom just enjoys a little downtime 🙂

Notable things that he doesn't enjoy in Disney's Hollywood Studios:

1. Tower of Terror "I did NOT like the way that ride just dropped over and over."  Me either son, me either. 
2. The Little Mermaid - "We always have to go here for my sister but I don't really like it.." hmmm...that doesn't stop you from singing and I'm pretty sure your eyes were glued to the show last time we went 🙂

Well, there it is...some Walt Disney World highlights from a seven-year-old.  I hope that some other families traveling with a seven-year-old will benefit from this. Just remember, no matter your age, there is something for everyone at Disney!