There is a lot to see and do on any Disney vacation. Between the rides, the shows, the meals, how can you do it all? While there’s not enough time to get everything done on any single trip, there are tips to make the most out of each day at any Disney destination so you can see and do more than other guests. Here are 5 tips to make the most of each park day.

1. Start your day early and start it with an attraction. The days are long and filled with fun but sleeping in will only minimize the fun you can do. The shortest lines are at the opening of each park day so get up early and “rope drop” when the park opens. In order to be ready for all that fun though, you’ll need to have energy. Eat before the park opens so you can be ready to play. Whether it’s getting up extra early to eat at your resort or having one adult head to the food court to bring back food to the room while everyone else is getting ready, eating before you head to the parks will give you more time in the parks.

2. Use your FastPasses wisely. As standby lines are not busy first thing in the morning, don’t bother booking your FastPasses for first thing but for later morning or even mid-day when the lines are longest. That way you can rush through the short standby lines and then when they start to get long, you can jump over to use your FastPasses, bypassing all that time in line.

3. If looking to meet characters is a priority, book character dining. Many of the character lines in the parks allow you to meet only one or at the most, two characters at a time so you will end up standing in a lot of lines to meet many characters. Instead, book a character meal where often you’ll meet 4 or more characters while you are eating.

4. For any dining, whether it’s a character meal or otherwise, choose dining times that are different from standard breakfast, lunch, or dinner times. Lines for rides will be shorter during regular dining times and lines for quick-service restaurants will be shorter during off-peak times.

5. If your child is of age to need a nap, choose a resort on the monorail for a quicker ride to/from your room or if they are small enough, have them nap in the parks in their stroller. Transportation between the parks and resorts can use up a lot of time so minimizing that time will allow you to play quicker before and after that nap time.

Your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist can help you maximize your schedule on any Disney vacation. Be sure to reach out to them to help you make the most of each Disney day!

Michelle Browne

Travel Specialist