If you have ever been on a Disney vacation or viewed any pictures of fans at Disney, you’ll see something in common with a large number of guests visiting the property. Guests everywhere – at Walt Disney World, at Disneyland, and on the Disney Cruise Line ships have their Disney themed Loungefly backpacks with them.

I’ll admit that when I first saw the Loungefly craze I was a bit skeptical. I had a large, beautiful Vera Bradley backpack with a Minnie Mouse paisley pattern and I could fit everything I ever needed on a Disney vacation inside of it. So why would I purchase this small backpack instead and use it in the parks? Well time and pretty patterns eventually won me over and I bought my first Loungefly backpack.

My first day of using my backpack I was blown away by how much I could fit inside my bag. For all the things I thought wouldn’t fit, with some creative placement, all I needed for a day in the parks was happily inside. It was cute, compact, and incredibly easy to have on my back while I walked around the parks and at my feet on the rides. I was sold!

So, what do I typically have in my Loungefly for a day at the parks? First of all, let me say that the temperature and time of year will dictate some of what you do and do not need for a day at the parks. On my last trip, while the days were hot and the nights cooler, I had to include something to keep warm after sunset.

What I ended up putting in for each day was the following:

• Wallet
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Portable Phone Charger with charging cords – necessary with being on the My Disney Experience app all day to get my

Lightning Lanes and mobile order my food

• Poncho – even when the weather says it will be sunny, I always bring a poncho just in case
• Water – you don’t realize how quickly you can get dehydrated in the Florida heat
• Lipgloss – for touch ups before photos in front of the park icons
• Pen and Paper – just in case I need to jot something down
• Galaxy’s Edge Hoodie – for those cooler nights

Can you believe all of that fit inside? Plus, the latest Loungefly backpacks have a pocket with special clips to keep your Mickey ears attached when you need to take them off for rides! What you put in your backpack is going to be specific to you and your family but for more ideas on what to bring for your day, the Me and the Mouse agents have compiled a list of their own favorite items to have with you. That list includes hand sanitizer or hand wipes, snacks such as protein bars or nuts, gum or mints, extra Ziplock bags for keeping purchased snacks, reusable straws, Chapstick, hair ties, hairbrush, tissues, and even dry socks in a Ziplock for those rainy days.

The craze of Loungefly has resulted in even more Disney themed products being available. From matching wallets, ears, purses and more, you can grow your collection as big or keep it as small as you wish to.

Loungefly has a plethora of patterns and colors to suit all tastes, trends, and themes and there are so many places you can purchase them. Amazon, Box Lunch, Hot Topic, shopDisney, and the Loungefly website are just a few places where you can find exclusive patterns to show off your Disney style. And while you are looking you may just find another non-Disney theme that you adore including Harry Potter backpacks for your next Universal vacation.

So, the next time you find a Disney themed Loungefly backpack that you love, consider it as a great option for your next vacation’s day bag. Not just a trend, it’s a practical value for a magical Disney day!