Planning a Disney vacation is an exhilarating experience, and with the help of a Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist, you're on the right track for a magical journey. Despite the abundance of online resources and assistance from your Me and The Mouse Agent, there are still valuable insights to discover during your Disney vacation. Here are ten things Disney guests often wish they had known before embarking on their first magical adventure:

Prepare for a Marathon of Walking:

Walt Disney World sprawls 40 square miles, roughly the size of San Francisco. Expect to cover about 8 - 12 miles daily, so it’s crucial to wear comfortable shoes. Break them in before your trip, and consider renting a stroller for younger children even if they wouldn’t typically use one. Your little ones may appreciate the extra comfort during long days of exploration.

Allocate Ample Time for Transportation:

Disney provides various transportation options, from shuttles and monorails to boats and the skyliner. The sheer volume of daily transportation, with monorails alone carrying 150,000 people, highlights the importance of planning ahead. Allocate 60 - 90 minutes of travel time before any scheduled reservation, whether it’s a reserved attraction time, dining reservation, a massage or a golf tee time.

Utilize Mobile Ordering for Quick Service Dining:

Guests often discover the convenience of mobile ordering too late in their visit. The My Disney Experience app allows you to order and pay for quick service meals in advance, saving valuable time and avoiding long lines at popular dining locations.

Embrace the Magic of Downtime:

Amidst the excitement, remember to slow down and savor the moments. Take in the enchanting views of Cinderella’s castle, witness the joy on your child’s face during a Disney show, or bask in the beauty of Spaceship Earth illuminated at night. Schedule some downtime in your itinerary, perhaps a relaxing afternoon by the resort pool, a soothing massage, or a delightful dinner. A short rest can rejuvenate you for more magical experiences.

Take Advantage of Rider Switch for Attractions:

Families with young children sometimes overlook the Rider Switch service. If you have members who can’t or don’t want to ride certain attractions, Rider Switch allows one adult to wait with the non-rider while the others enjoy the ride. Afterward, the waiting adults can switch without having to wait in line again.

Understand the Importance of FastPass+ Selections:

FastPass+ allows you to reserve access to select attractions, entertainment, and character meet and greets, minimizing wait times. Guests appreciate knowing the importance of making these selections in advance, as popular attractions and time slots can fill up quickly.

Explore Dining Reservations Early:

Disney World's popular dining locations can book up quickly, especially during peak times. Visitors often wish they had known to make dining reservations as early as possible, ensuring they secure spots at their desired restaurants and experience the diverse culinary offerings. Your Me and The Mouse travel specialist is a great resource to aid you in this.

My Disney Experience on Your Wrist:

Elevate your park experience by syncing your Apple Watch with the Disney Magic Mobile. Using eligible apple watches to scan into the theme parks, link Disney Photopass images to your My Disney Experience Account, Check in at virtual queues and Lightning Lanes entrances, and make charges while in the park.

Stay Charged with a Power Boost:

Your phone will likely be your go-to companion for My Disney Experience App, capturing memories, and passing the time in queues. To ensure your device stays charged throughout the day, bring a power boost. If you forget yours, don’t worry, Disney provides charging stations within the theme parks for your convenience.

Stay Hydrated and Account for Florida Weather:

Florida’s climate can be hot and humid, and guests often wish they had known how essential it is to stay hydrated. Bringing refillable water bottles and taking advantage of complimentary water stations throughout the parks can help ensure a more comfortable experience.

By keeping these extra tips in mind, you’ll enhance your Disney vacation experience and create lasting memories filled with magic and wonder.