If you are looking for a tropical adventure, look no further. The Disney property is filled with so many new experiences and dining, here is no exception. Venturing into a tropical rainforest while on Disney property is easy with two convenient Rainforest Cafe locations found at the Disney Springs Marketplace and outside the Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Neither location requires a theme park admission.

The Disney Dining Plan is accepted at both locations. Reservations are recommended and can be made 180 days prior to your travel start date. As this experience attracts a large number of explorers, wait times can be rather extensive. You may want to apply to join the Landry’s Select Club in advance to receive priority seating without a reservation. There is a $25 cost to join, but you will get a $25 welcome reward applied to your account which can be used as a credit to your bill on your first visit. If you do have to wait to be seated, you will find a large gift shop filled with unique gift ideas such as plush rainforest animals, themed t-shirts, and a variety of tropical souvenirs. Exploring the large aquariums with brightly-colored fish is a great way to keep the little ones occupied if shopping is not their favorite past time.

Before you enter the Disney Springs location, be sure to grab a picture of the intense volcano eruption outside. As you walk in, you will immediately be immersed in the rainforest atmosphere that you will be dining in. Every 30 minutes, the animals come alive during a simulated thunderstorm. The lights dim while the lightning and thunder begin. The atmosphere of a once starry night, with soothing waterfalls intertwined with lush greenery, becomes active and lively with singing birds, gorillas thumping their chest, and elephants moving their trunks. If you are looking for a romantic or quiet dining experience, it is best to ask for outdoor seating where you can overlook the water while dining on the patio. If you are 21 and over, you will find an outdoor bar on the patio as well as the Magic Mushroom Bar inside. Try a unique Rainforest Cafe specialty drink such as a Cheetah Rita in a souvenir glass while sitting in unique animal themed bar stools.

You will find a variety of menu options at this scrumptious safari including Beef Lava Nachos, Jungle Safari Soup, Amazon Corn Chowder, Volcanic Cobb Salad, Poke Bowl, Rainforest or Beastly Burger, Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich (my husband’s favorite), Jungle Turkey Wrap (my favorite - the caesar dressing makes this wrap delicious), Fish & Chips, Caribbean Coconut Shrimp, Blackened Tilapia, Honey-Sriracha Salmon, Rasta Pasta, Pastalaya (spicy) and MoJo Bones (St. Louis style pork ribs). So many choices makes it hard to choose and this is just a fraction of choices the menu offers to guests.

Kids will love picking their favorite from a large variety of options. Some of the samplings include: Rainforest Rascals (mini burgers), Poppin’ Shrimp (popcorn shrimp), Jurassic Chicken Tidbits, Mini Mojo Bones (St. Louis style pork ribs), Shrimpkins (popcorn shrimp and Jurasic chicken tidbits), Macaroni and Cheese or Python Pasta (with the choice of alfredo, butter or marinara sauce) and more.

For dessert, I recommend trying their signature dessert - THE VOLCANO! You will see many other families tempting you throughout your meal. This is not only a dessert, but a fun sparkling experience that can be shared by the whole family and is introduced to your table in a memorable way, so have your camera ready. The Volcano consists of a chocolate brownie cake topped with chocolate and caramel sauce with a sparkling decoration on the top of your dessert. It is a festive choice if you are celebrating something special.

If this sounds like an experience your family would enjoy, contact your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist to help you plan your visit.


Traci Perjak

Travel Specialist