Many parents envision surprising their kids with news of a vacation to Disney with lots of smiles, excited screams, and perhaps, even some happy tears! Here are some fun ways to surprise your children with a trip to visit Mickey!

  • Simply….don’t tell them until you are on your way there! It takes stealth and sneakiness to plan a trip without little ears overhearing, not to mention getting everyone’s suitcase packed but it’s a lot of fun too especially if you have younger kids who haven’t yet grasped the concept of time. You might also save a bit of your sanity by eliminating the “is it time yet?” component that might otherwise linger for the months leading up to the big event. Depending on your mode of transportation, you might not tell them until you arrive at the airport or when you are pulling into the parking areas.
  • For older children, let them in on the surprise earlier so they can participate in the planning process. You might be surprised what they are interested in doing, seeing, or eating. Fill their rooms with red, yellow, and black balloons, close the door, and wait for them to come home from school.
  • Say it in a letter….from Mickey! Create a letter from their favorite Disney characters and let them receive the announcement in the mail.  How exciting it is to a little one knowing their special Disney friend knows they will be coming for a visit!
  • Looking for something to give for a birthday or Christmas present to let them know? A special suitcase or backpack, jammies, Mickey ears, and a plush toy are a great clue to a destination! If you are headed to Disney World, include a MagicBand. If you are taking a cruise, maybe include something fun based on the destination or the theme of that particular sailing.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt with clues around the house or yard leading them ultimately to the biggest clue. Clues that lead them to “Pluto’s house” or “where Minnie does her laundry” are fun ways to incorporate Disney favorites. Here are some fun clues you can use!


No matter how you clue the family in, even if you don’t get the kind of response you were hoping for, you will have an amazing time making memories together.


Nancy Wideman

Travel Specialist