With all the wonderful kid-friendly dining options at Disney World, why should your family choose to eat at Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Resort? The answer is, for the unique cultural dining experience, of course. You won’t find Disney character dining here, but you will have a dining experience with “character.” 

From the moment you arrive at the Kidani Village lobby at Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort, you will understand what I mean.  As you enter, take a moment to take in all Animal Kingdom Lodge has to offer, you will be in awe of the grand lobby with an African safari-theme.  It has an inviting, comfortable, casual, warm, and cozy feel the moment you enter.  It tends to be a little quieter than some of the resorts and is the perfect place to unwind.

Sanaa serves lunch and dinner offering unique themed dining.  African cuisine with an Indian flavor is served.  Don’t let this scare you! There are a variety of dining options.  Be sure to check out the menu before you decide to visit, but I am going to give you a few recommendations to keep in mind as you browse the menu for Sanaa.  Reservations are recommended and accepted 180 days prior to arrival.  Be sure to contact your Me and The Mouse Travel agent and ask them to book an advance reservation for your party. 

As you check-in with the host or hostess, request to be seated at a table by a window.  My family was fortunate to snag one of the window tables on our last visit.  My son has always had a love of animals and was thrilled to be seated at a table where the windows extend from floor to ceiling and he could watch giraffes, zebras, and birds as we dined.  He was surprised when animals came up to the huge windows right next to us, pressed their noses against the windows, and watched our family as we dined.  I am not sure who enjoyed the experience more: my family or the animals as we all watched each other.  So keep your camera handy and ready to shoot some amazing photos.

My family’s favorite item at Sanaa is an appetizer – the Indian-Style Bread Service.  We were not convinced this appetizer would suit our family the first time we enjoyed the Sanaa experience.  Our waitress highly recommended it and explained it was a specialty and a favorite of guests who visited.  We almost declined, but then the guests at the table next to ours overheard our conversation and informed us what we would be missing so we couldn’t resist at that point.  It only took one time, and now it is a tradition each time we go.   The appetizer includes 5 types of Naan breads featuring traditional, garlic-ginger, and spiced just to mention a few.  You can choose a small serving with 3 accompanying sauces or a larger serving with 9 sauces included.  I recommend all 9 for the best experience.  This is a treat the whole family can enjoy.

My entrée recommendations included Tandoori Chicken and the South African Sample Plate where you can experience a trio of meat dishes offered.  If you prefer a more traditional meal, a Grilled New York Strip is offered.  Kid’s choices include cheese pizza and cheeseburgers, and a more adventurous choice of Kids Butter Chicken.  Don’t forget to save room for dessert!