When visiting Universal Orlando Resort, the most magical time you and your family will have is visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Hogsmeade! Universal has pulled out all the stops to make this the most authentic guest experience possible - you can read about all these worlds have to offer HERE and by searching the Me and the Mouse blog!

One experience that is truly unforgettable is a ride on the Hogwarts Express. Only those with a “Park to Park” ticket (meaning you are able to visit multiple parks in one day) at Universal Orlando Resort are allowed to take part in this experience. If you don’t currently hold a Park to Park ticket, ask your travel specialist for an upgrade!

Guests can board the Hogwarts Express either at Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station in Universal Studios, OR, at the station in Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure. Guests will be required to scan their Park to Park ticket upon entering either station. Food and drinks must be finished before boarding the train.

On either side (Kings Cross or Hogsmeade) for boarding, however, you will queue up by Hogwarts Express team members, and will be ushered into designated cars. This is not like Disney’s monorail system - as there are only a few that are able to ride at a time. Any wheelchairs and/or strollers can be accommodated, and team members can help you with the boarding process. Please note, no videos or flash photography is permitted once the doors are closed!

My favorite boarding side is Kings Cross Station. Moving through the queue, you really feel as if you are in the actual station. Trunks, cages, trolleys are scattered about, as if waiting to be pushed through the magic wall to Platform 9 ¾. Once through, you’ll see the mighty Hogwarts Express steam engine awaiting you to board. Stay with your family, and be ready to board quickly!

The experience is unique BOTH ways, so be sure to board back to ride to your original station. While I won’t give away the experience here, I will tell you that my family was completely floored with how amazing, authentic, and immersive this experience was!  For about a 5 minute trip, you really felt like you were on the train to Hogwarts, with fellow Hogwarts students, in the English countryside! Just magical!

Don’t miss this amazing experience the next time you visit Universal Orlando Resort! Book today with your Travel Specialist.