Whether you are planning a Disney, Universal, Cruise, or an International vacation; and you are keeping it a secret, revealing the surprise is half the fun. While I don't keep all of our trips a secret, there are times when it just adds to the excitement.

One of my favorite Disney World reveals for my kids was a scavenger hunt. After all the gifts had been opened on Christmas morning, I gave them a white envelope and inside was their first clue. The clues led them all over our house and yard and ended in the attic. Sitting just inside the door was a Minnie suitcase. Inside the suitcase was a note saying "Pack your bags, we are leaving for Disney World!" The girls had so much fun trying to decipher each clue and finding the next one.
If you are planning a trip aboard the new Galactic Starcruiser, a Jedi robe and favorite Star Wars character plush would make a fun reveal.

Our next surprise is for our soon-to-be eleven-year-old daughter. She has never been to Universal and is a huge Harry Potter and Jurassic Park fan. On her eleventh birthday, she will come home to a small Harry Potter themed birthday party and receive her first owl with her Hogwarts acceptance letter. Printable templates can be found online or on Pinterest, and we have ordered a large white owl balloon from Amazon.

New luggage or a puzzle with a picture of the destination are great ideas to reveal international travel. My husband and I have a trip to Scotland with Adventures by Disney on our travel bucket list. I would love to make that a surprise and reveal it with a special themed dinner featuring Scottish foods. A themed dinner would be so fun to create to reveal a trip to any country.

Make sure you let your Me and The Mouse Agent know when you are planning to make a vacation a surprise. Not only will they make sure to be discreet, but they are also full of great ideas to make each surprise even more magical.