Whether it’s a hot day, someone needs a quiet place to relax, or a little one needs a short nap, here are some great spots in the Disney parks for the whole family to sit and unwind.

Magic Kingdom

• The area outside the Tangled bathrooms in Fantasyland. Not only does this area provide shade, but there are also charging ports in the faux tree stumps.
• The Carousel of Progress – although this is an attraction, it is indoors, air-conditioned, and is about 20 minutes long! Be warned, though – because this attraction is in a revolving theater, once this show begins, you may not leave the theater until the show is over.
• Tomorrowland Terrace
• Tom Sawyer Island
• Liberty Belle Riverboat – enjoy a scenic 12-minute ride around the Rivers of America

Liberty Belle Riverboat


• American Heritage Gallery inside the American Adventure Pavilion
• The Living Seas / Coral Reef
• The International Gateway towards the backside of the park (near the Skyliner terminal) and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
• The Canada Pavilion – keep walking back through the garden until you come across the waterfall
• The Moroccan Pavilion – lots of cool quiet alleyways await you
• The Land Pavilion – Sunshine Seasons. This quick-service location has lots of tables and tends to have plenty of available space.

Moroccan Pavilion
Disney’s Hollywood Studios

• Beauty and the Beast on Stage – this 30-minute show isn’t air-conditioned, but it will offer you some shade and a place to rest your weary feet
• Muppet*Vision 3D
• The tunnels leading into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. You will have constant foot traffic around you, but the tunnels are wide and offer good protection from the weather if you don’t mind sitting on the ground.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

• Various animal trails, including the Maharaja Jungle Trek, Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, and Discovery Island Trails
• Dinosaur trails near the DINOSAUR attraction

And remember – you can always take little ones to the Baby Care Centers located in each park if you need a spot to change diapers or nurse.

Baby Care Center