Hollywood Studios has always been one of my favorite Disney Parks, in part due to the nod to old Hollywood. It makes perfect sense that The Hollywood Brown Derby is my favorite restaurant in Hollywood Studios.  Walking into the lobby you will find a guest book filled with signatures, you might even find one from a Disney star or two. Once checked in, the host or hostess will take you to the dining room which is filled with that old Hollywood glamour. You will find caricatures of some familiar famous faces on the walls, rounded booths on the outside of the room, and tables in the center.

This signature dining experience will cost you two table service credit at both lunch and dinner. This restaurant also offers a Fantasmic Dining package, which is a great way to get the best value for your 2 credits. With the Fantasmic Package, you will get vouchers for reserved seating at Fantasmic. It’s the perfect way to insure you get to see the show.

The food at the Hollywood Brown Derby is some of my favorite in all the parks. The cuisine is noted as American. Some other cuisines can be found as well such as Vietnamese and Italian. While famous for their Cobb salad, I personally enjoy their Char-grilled filet, with its port wine glaze, and mushrooms.  My husband has enjoyed both the vegetarian pho and duck breast and always enjoys his meal. The children’s menu has several options including grilled chicken, fish, and my kids personal favorite, grilled cheese. Each children’s menu entrée comes with two accompaniments. Most choose a side and dessert. For dessert, my kids always go for the hidden treasure and my husband often opts for the espresso cheesecake. I am partial to the original grapefruit cake. This cake is layers of vanilla sponge, grapefruit cheesecake, grapefruit syrup, and grapefruit jam and is topped with a slice of candied grapefruit.

This restaurant has space to accommodate larger parties as well.  We have dined here on multiple occasions with groups of 10-12. While reservations can often be found online, I still strongly suggest making reservations as soon as your dining window opens, especially for those with larger parties.

Audra Bass

Travel Specialist