There is no other place like the Disney Parks to share a family vacation. But once your vacation is done, what will you take home from the Disney parks to remember your incredible adventure? We all know the typical souvenirs that you can bring home- a t-shirt, a postcard, maybe a small plush for a child, but at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square, there are so many unique and personal options!


When you are in Liberty Square, you won’t want to miss Ye Old Christmas Shoppe. Inside you will find the Christmas spirit year-round! There is Christmas décor, wreaths, ornaments, stockings, and more. One of my favorite family traditions is to buy an ornament every time we are in the parks. The Cast Members at the Christmas shop can even customize many of the ornaments on display. We had a Magic Kingdom ornament personalized with our last name and the year of our visit. The Cast Members were able to write this in a beautiful script on the ornament and package it up securely for us to take home. Every year when we trim our tree and bring out our Disney ornaments, we are reminded of the fun we had on our family trip that year. Ornaments are one of those souvenirs that will keep their use and meaning forever.


Located in Liberty Square in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, you’ll find a cart adjacent to Sleepy Hollow Treats where you can get a one-of-a-kind souvenir for the Princess in your family! The Liberty Square parasol cart has multiple colors and designs of frilled, child-sized umbrellas that can be personalized with designs, characters, and even names! They have numerous examples to customize your child’s parasol. It does take the artists a few hours to draw the designs by hand and for the paint to dry, so I would do this as you enter Liberty Square, and you can pick up your parasol a few hours later as you leave to go to a different land in the Magic Kingdom. Pricing varies depending on the number of panels of the parasol you’d like to have painted. My daughter LOVED walking around in the shade of her parasol on a hot June day! And even better- with it folded up so nicely, it was a breeze to take back home in our suitcase! This souvenir is a treasure for my daughter, and I know she will want to keep it for years to come!


Just across from the parasol cart in Liberty Square, you’ll notice artisans set up in the shade of Ye Old Christmas Shoppe. Here you can have silhouettes made of your family! I love the classic look of a silhouette. It reminds me of the silhouettes of the three Darling children you see in the queue for Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland. I asked the artist about different options for silhouettes, and she told me I could get individual silhouettes cut, or a grouping of all three of my children on one canvas, which is the style I chose. She asked each of my daughters to come over to look at their profiles. After a few minutes of cutting and turning the paper, their silhouette was revealed! They looked just like my girls, and I was instantly brought to tears! And if you’re worried about your little one not being able to sit still for the silhouette cutting, let me calm your fears! The actual time it takes to cut the silhouette is only a minute or two, and if your child can’t sit still for that long, like my toddler couldn’t that day, you can snap a picture of their profile with your phone, and the artist can work from that! And, better yet, they asked if I would like another copy of the silhouettes, which I jumped at! And I was able to give the copy to my mother for her birthday! There are also several frame options for you to choose from or you can bring it home without a frame and find one of your liking later. These are my absolute favorite Disney souvenir I’ve ever bought. I love that I have a little subtle touch of Disney World hanging in my hallway!


Just around the corner from the silhouette cart, you’ll find the caricature artists on the side of Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square. These artists are incredible at catching the fun, lighthearted energy of a day spent at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. You are welcome to sit in the shade and pose for a custom caricature portrait alone or with your family and friends. The artists can incorporate multiple people into one canvas! Take it home to frame and remember a day well spent at Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

So, when you are in the Magic Kingdom and looking for something new, different, and personal to take home as a remembrance of your trip, make sure you head to Liberty Square for custom keepsakes to keep a little piece of Disney in your home year-round.