As you prepare for a magical day at the parks, you might decide that you want to bring a bag along with you.  While Disney and Universal Studios allow guests to bring bags into the parks, here are a few helpful tips for packing the perfect bag to bring on your next vacation.

What’s the Ideal Bag?

Select a bag that is easy to carry and lightweight. We love a small backpack, sling bag, or crossbody-style bag.  Remember that what you pack in your bag in the beginning of the day, may feel like an extra 20lbs at the end of the day.   At the park, your bags will be screened and searched.   To help you move through security faster, we recommend selecting a bag that doesn’t have a lot of compartments nor bring multiple small makeup bags.  All bags will be opened and searched before you can proceed into the parks.

What Should I Bring?

  • Sunscreen– I purchase several small travel size sunscreens for my vacation.  This way I have 1 small tube to use during the day to keep the entire family protected from too much sun exposure.
  • Hats/Sunglasses-  You will need to remove your sunglasses, hats, and mouse ears on select attractions. Bring hats and sunglasses that can easily collapse and be stored in your bag.
  • Trading Pins-  Both Disney and Universal offer a fun free activity of trading theme park pins.  Bring these in a clear Ziploc bag to keep them secured if you decide you don’t want to wear your lanyard.
  • Autograph books-  Ready to meet your favorite Disney and Universal characters on your next vacation?  Don’t forget your autograph books and a pen.  We recommend bringing along a retractable sharpie.  No need to keep track of a pen cap and chunky pens are great for those characters with “paws”.
  • Snacks– Granola bars, individual bags of Goldfish Crackers, and a little container of Cheerios are perfect for the little ones in your group who might need a snack or distraction while you wait for the next activity.
  • Water Bottle– It is important to stay hydrated as you enjoy the Florida sun and walk the parks.  Guests are welcome to bring water bottles with them into the parks (Glass is not allowed).  Free ice water is available for guests at all Quick Service dining locations too.
  • Hand sanitizer– I suggest bringing a hand sanitizer on a strap that can attach to your bag.  This will allow you easy access to cleaning your hands without having to rummage through your bag.
  • Phone Charger- Guests visiting Walt Disney World will want to use their My Disney Experience app to navigate the parks, setup additional Fastpasses, and be aware of wait times and character meet and greets.  Those headed to Universal will also want take advantage of the Universal app and the virtual queues that are offered for select attractions.  Capturing photos and videos too, your battery on your phone will drain quickly through the day.  You will want to have a portable charger to recharge your phone.  If you forget to bring a charging brick, Fuel Rods are available for purchase throughout the parks and resorts.


Attractions and Bags – Where do they go?

At Walt Disney World, most attractions will accommodate standard bags at your feet or in the pouches on select rides.  At Animal Kingdom’s Kali River Rapids, lockers are available for your personal belongings to keep them dry.

At Universal Studios, you will need to secure your bag in a locker before enjoying an attraction. You can read more about the Universal’s Locker option here. 

Preparing the perfect bag to carry your essentials will help you enjoy your fun-filled days at the parks.  Your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist is happy to assist you with additional suggestions for what to pack in your bag as well.