With summer upon us, the heat and humidity of Florida can send even the most southern of families screaming for a cool relief. We know you’ve been eagerly anticipating your Disney World vacation for months and we don’t want you to miss out on any of the fun that Disney has to offer because of the heat. Here are some tips to help you survive the hottest and most humid of Disney days:

1. Take advantage of Disney’s Extra Park Time. By staying on property at Disney, you qualify to enter Disney’s parks early every day and select resorts have additional extended evening hours for their guests on various nights. This extra park time coincides with the coolest of times to visit the parks not to mention the least busy times. Not a morning or a late person? Go back to your hotel during the hottest part of the day for a rest so that you’ll have the energy to stay after the sun sets.

2. Plan the order of your attractions to visit the outdoor activities in the morning and evening and the indoor activities during the midday. Many of Disney’s rides and shows are located in air-conditioned comfort with even their waiting lines inside.

3. Enjoy a water ride.

Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom is a great ride where there is an excellent chance you will get more than a little wet.

4. Be sure to bring along extra water.

Pack your own reusable water bottles, load them with ice before you head to the parks each day, and refill them at the fountains in the parks. During the day, ask for a cup of ice water from any quick service restaurant. Pour the small cup they give you into your own water bottle.

5. Bring along a water misting fan. Purchase them before you leave for your vacation, and you can save your souvenir dollars for other fun trinkets.

6. Take advantage of the splash areas at the parks.

In Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland you’ll find the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station, and in Epcot you’ll find one on the bridge between Future World and World Showcase.

7. Go for an afternoon swim. Going back to your hotel and taking a nap and some time at the pool will help pass the hours when the Florida sun is at its hottest.

8. If your resort has a freezer in the room, put a wet washcloth in your resort room’s freezer overnight and then bring it along in a Ziplock bag during the day. Have a second washcloth waiting for you in the freezer if you plan to head back midday.

9. Upgrade your ticket to a Park Hopper Plus pass to enjoy both of Disney’s amazing water parks.

Being prepared for the heat will allow your family to enjoy the most of your Disney World vacation during the summer. You won’t miss a beat and will be so proud that you successfully conquered the Florida heat!