The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, spanning both Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure, dazzles guests with the most authentic and immersive movie-set experience.  Two stores, in particular, allow you to not only bring home some of the magic of Harry Potter...but to physically experience it as well!

Honeydukes can be found in Hogsmeade - located in Islands of Adventure. Honeydukes, as you know, is the candy store of choice for all Hogwarts students on their weekend day trips to Hogsmeade in the winter months from book three on. Buildings covered in snow. Cobblestone streets and magical windows. Blink and you may miss Honeydukes!  This lovely candy shop has EVERY candy mentioned in the books, from Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans to the Ton Tongue Taffy that Dudley Dursley could not resist when it fell out of the Weasley Twins’ pockets. Everywhere you turn is more whimsey and lovely flavors!Speaking of the Weasley Twins, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes (“W”) is difficult to miss in Diagon Alley - located in Universal Studios. “W” proudly displays a mechanical Weasley, tipping his hat...or magically appearing an animal atop his you walk into the store. Here you can find candies, but those found in the Twins’ joke boxes: Puking Pastilles, Fever Fudge, Fainting Fancings, etc. Joke toys and other novelties abound this silly store. Looking up the staircase, you hope and wish Fred and George will come running down with their next magical joke.  Everywhere you turn is a new and silly item you are sure to impress your Muggle friends with!

While there is much to see and do in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, these two shops are a must-do to take home some of the magic!

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