We live in a world where phones have become an accessory we always have with us, like our wallet or sunglasses.  In Disney, phones are an integral part of your trip because you use it for candid photos, videos, navigating the park, and updating plans using the My Disney Experience app.

As stated before, we HIGHLY recommend you bring a portable phone charger or purchase a Fuel Rod in the park or resorts. There is another option …find a ‘charging location’ in the park.  This will require you to sit and relax (as to not leave your phone unattended), but it is a way to refuel your body and refuel your phone’s battery life simultaneously. 

So where are these located?  Unfortunately, there’s not a “phone charger land” like there is a Fantasyland or Adventureland…these locations for charging are not easily found on a map.  Where MOST spots are not official charging locations, they can be used to get a quick charge.

Magic Kingdom


- Rapunzel restroom area (inside the wooden tree stumps)

- Yellow Storybook Circus tent (FastPass kiosk location)


- Space Mountain gift shop (Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. - there’s a line of outlets)

- Outside the restrooms (there’s a low wall to sit at)

Liberty Square

- Columbia Harbour House (while many quick service locations may have a stray outlet or two, this location has reportedly more than others)


Future World

-  The Land Pavilion (some outlets outside of Sunshine Seasons, quick service restaurant.  There’s not a place to sit).

-  The Living Seas (some outlets near the women’s restroom)

World Showcase

-  Norway and Morocco (These two countries have the most available outlets.  Please note, they are all outside.)

Hollywood Studios

With the continuous updates to the park, there is currently not a well-known location to find open/abundant outlets.

Animal Kingdom

- Pizzafari restaurant (few outlets in the dining room)

If you’re a parent who is needing to use the child care centers in the parks, there are usually outlets in those locations to use as well.  Remember, it is best to use these outlets if you have a need to be in those facilities for the reason they were intended for.


Do NOT unplug anything in order to plug in your phone, you never know what you could be unplugging.

-  Do NOT move anything in order to get to an open outlet.  Only use easily accessible plugs.

-  Bring your cord AND charging brick.  Most locations do not offer a USB plug.

As you can see, there is not an overabundance of official charging locations (most are unofficial), so it’s still easiest to come prepared and have a portable phone charger(s) handy for convenience during your trip!  These are great options as a last resort though…you may even find some of your own “unofficial” locations on your next trip.