After a lifetime of dieting, I was still seeking the right fit for me. I was very intrigued by the guidelines of the ketogenic way of eating. My mind was made up, this is the right way for me! The basic guidelines of this way of eating are high fats, moderate proteins, and low carbohydrates. I was concerned if I could integrate my way of eating into our trips to Walt Disney World. I quickly realized dining locations throughout the property would be more than accommodating and allow me to follow my way of eating with ease!

I avoid many specific cooking oils, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and hidden sugars. I was determined I would stay true to my guidelines eating 7 total carbohydrates or less per meal, eating more fat than protein, and only eating when truly hungry. If I was unsure if an item was within my guidelines, I could ask to see the allergy/ingredient list and then make an informed decision. Walt Disney World also allows you to bring in food and drinks to the park. I typically bring homemade muffins, macadamia nuts, grass-fed meat sticks, and pork rinds. I have often brought a small soft-sided cooler bag with cheese sticks and beverages too.

Quick service locations tend to be more of a challenge for me and I often rely on the items I brought with me. Many locations offer a cheeseburger, and I will order that without a bun, and if available, ask for extra bacon!!! The Starbuck’s locations allow me to enjoy either a hot or iced coffee. These locations have heavy cream. I ask for the cream on the side and I always have my preferred sweetener options with me. Babybel cheese rounds can be found in many locations as well.

Table service dining options are endless, and when I have asked for specific accommodations, I have never been disappointed. I have found I can find something that is within my guidelines anywhere I go. Let me share now a few of my most recent experiences and the alterations I requested.

At the Boathouse restaurant in Disney Springs, I have enjoyed the Steak and Fries with their compound herb butter. The “fries” are not consistent with my guidelines, and I asked if they could substitute with grilled asparagus. Of course, they were more than accommodating.

My husband and I visited Wine Bar George in Disney Springs and enjoyed a delicious meal, including a sparkling wine flight!! We were able to enjoy a cheese and charcuterie selection, followed by the skirt steak for two. The grilled asparagus was delicious and the chimichurri on the skirt steak added amazing flavor to the tender steak.

We visited Whispering Canyon at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge for breakfast. I ordered the breakfast skillet. I did discuss my way of eating with our server. I asked to have our eggs be cooked in butter instead of the canola/olive oil blend. I also asked if they could confirm the eggs are freshly cracked eggs to ensure there were not any additives that were not within my guidelines. I did also request extra crispy bacon. Although there are many items on the skillet that I choose to not eat, they were more than accommodating to bring additional eggs and bacon.

While there are many amazing treats throughout Walt Disney World, I honestly have easily been able to stick to my way of eating, while feeling minimal temptation. I am seeing and feeling the health benefits of following a ketogenic diet!