For every Harry Potter fan, a visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando is a bucket list item but for true Potterheads. It's the extra Easter Eggs that are hidden that can make the experience truly magical. While magic appears around every corner in both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, let’s explore the hidden items in Hogwart’s Castle that you’ll want to take note of on your next vacation.

Here are my top 5 hidden items for you to find!

1. Mandrakes- The first hidden item is located outdoors, in the greenhouse. If your visit to Hogsmeade has low crowds, you may miss the Mandrakes, but pause just before you enter the castle and check out these restorative plants located behind a fence so that they cannot be accidentally pulled out of their pots, subjecting you to their screams.

2. Four Founders of Hogwarts: The Hall of Portraits, is another location that you can take a lot of time looking at and listening to the conversations between characters. Stop and find pictures of all Four Founders of Hogwarts and then look even closer and notice that each of them holds an object used by Voldemort to create some of the Horcruxes. Another favorite portrait further down the queue is the Fat Lady whom you’ll need to pass – fortunately, she doesn’t ask for any password to get on the ride!

3. Mirror of Erised reveals your deepest, most desperate desire of your heart. Use the mirror carefully as you walk by this artifact in the halls of the castle.

4. Griffin Statue-While the griffin statue normally leads to the headmaster’s office only with the revelation of the correct password, you’ll still get to see Dumbledore’s office and the reincarnation of the Phoenix in the castle as part of your tour. Take time to check out all the details of his office and try to remember where in the books and movies they were of significance.

5. Sorting Hat, your final Easter Egg, is located just before entering the ride. Located higher up on the wall you’ll be able to see the Sorting Hat itself. What house do you belong in?

Bonus Easter Egg: The time you spend at Universal and particularly in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, are sure to give you some amazing memories. Be sure to store them in a magical way and when you need a fond memory, come back to Hogwart’s Castle and retrieve them in the Pensieve. I’m sure, in vivid detail, you’ll see the smiles and laughter of time spent with your family, Harry, and his friends.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey can be experienced in both Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood so be sure to reach out to your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist to book either of these wizarding vacations.