300,000+...That is the number of adventures offered through Viator, an online marketplace to book your travel excursions. From small remote corners of the world to major cities, Viator is likely to have something for you.

Have you ever gone on a vacation and wondered what exciting things await you there? With Viator, your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist can send you customized links to explore the many options available. Then when you find the perfect excursion, you can book right from that link. One of the best things about Viator is the “Reserve Now & Pay Later” option. With this, it doesn’t charge you for the excursion until about 1 week before. This gives you the peace of mind that you won’t miss out by securing your spot, but also the flexibility to update and/or cancel if your plans were to change.

Some of the options below are just the tip of the iceberg, which by the way is also an excursion option! You can soar over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter and explore the mysterious depths after landing while also enjoying a champagne picnic. You can tour all seven Wonders of the World. You can go on a guided tour with a small group to the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, & St. Peter’s Basilica. Or, if you’re into a spookier side, you can go on a Haunted Ghost, Voodoo, Vampire, and Mystery Tour through the streets of New Orleans.

Not only are the excursion options endless, but so are the price ranges. With Viator you’ll be sure to find the perfect adventure for your family, friends, and for yourself. For your next adventure, be sure to tell your favorite Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist that you’d like help with links from Viator, so they can help you book all the adventures that await you in cities across the world.