Once our kids (7 and 5) find out that we are heading to Walt Disney World, there is always one question that follows, "Are we staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge?" There is no denying that it is our family's favorite and it is always our top recommendation to friends and family that are planning their trip.

Here are a few reasons why we love Animal Kingdom Lodge:

1. The immersive experience. It feels like you are in Africa! Of course, I’ve never been to Africa, but the theming of this resort is wonderful. From the activities and storytellers in the lobby to the landscaping and animals outside of your window. It just feels like you are somewhere and everything is an experience (and a good one at that!)

2. The Animals! They are obviously the star of the show at this resort, but to us it’s the freedom and fun it gives us to be on vacation. When we stay at AKL, we usually try to get that savannah view because when we have animals outside, the kids rarely (if ever) turn on the tv. Their entertainment is the animals and as parents...well, what more could we ask for?

3. The food is great! Room Service, check. Buffet dining (Boma), check. Casual dining (Sanaa), check. Awesome bars, check. Fine dining (Jiko), check. Quick Service (The Mara), check. It’s got it all and it’s all good! From everything at Boma to the bread service at Sanaa to the chicken sandwich at the Mara - we all have favorites at all the different restaurants located in AKL.

4. The pools. The Jambo House pool is great - big and spacious with a nice water slide and the Kidani pool/water play area (it’s WAY more than a splash pad) is out of this world. The kids love it and we typically visit both pools regardless of whether we are at Jambo or Kidani.

It’s a home run with every experience such as the feel of the resort, the rooms, the dining (quick service, casual and fine dining), and the recreation.

To be totally clear, we love either Jambo House or Kidani Village, but if you forced us to choose we would choose Jambo House (as you can probably see from above). It just seems to have everything that works for us as a family and this is ideal in SO many ways when we are looking for that true resort-style vacation at Disney World!