The wait is over! MagicBand+ has made its much-anticipated arrival in Walt Disney World and Disneyland! But what is MagicBand+ and how does it compare to the original MagicBand that debuted a decade ago? Which version will best serve me during my trip?

MagicBand+ is a new, interactive wristband to enhance your Disney World vacation. When the first generation MagicBand was introduced 10 years ago, it provided the ultimate convenience for your Disney World trip- the ability to have your tickets, room key, FastPass selections, room charges, and Memory Maker photos all on one bracelet. No more reaching into your wallet every time you need to scan into a queue for your FastPass or reaching for your wallet when you need to charge that Mickey Bar to your room! MagicBand revolutionized the way we vacationed at Disney!

MagicBand+ has the same functionality as the original MagicBand, but with some new features that really set it apart!

1. MagicBand+ is rechargeable!

The original MagicBand that had an internal battery that had a finite shelf life. After about a year to two years, it would no longer function, and you would need to purchase a new one. The new MagicBand+ comes with its own charger so it can be used over multiple trips and multiple years! And you will receive one charger for each MagicBand+ that you order! Make sure to charge them before your trip and each night while you are at the parks!

2. Interactive Experiences

MagicBand+ enhances the experience in the parks by bringing you into the fun! Now during fireworks shows and while entering certain attraction queues- your band will blink and vibrate depending on your location. I loved entering The Haunted Mansion and looking down at my MagicBand+ to see it blinking and vibrating red! During Fantasmic!, my MagicBand+ color coordinated to the show- just to name a few instances! How fun! And for Disney World’s 50th Celebration, you will notice gold character statues throughout the parks. When you get close to those statues, your band will begin to vibrate. Go over to the statue and “wave” at the character to make them talk! They all say different things, so this is a fun experience for children in particular!

3. Ability to use on both coasts!

One of the features I am most excited about is the ability to use MagicBand+ at both Walt Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland in California! While the original MagicBand and MagicBand2 cannot be used outside of Disney World, the new MagicBand+ has capabilities at both parks- east and west coast!

4. Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunter Game in Galaxy’s Edge

Did you know that there is an interactive game you can play in Hollywood Studios?! There is, and you don’t miss this hidden gem! In Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge you can become a bounty hunter seeking out droids that are hiding throughout the land. Make sure you download the Disney Parks Play app on your phone first and then find the starting point in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’s Black Spire Outpost to receive instructions and begin! From there you will be guided by your band beeping and vibrating until you find the correct door. “Scan” the door with your phone using the Play Disney Parks app and the droid will be revealed! Return to the starting point to receive your credits and get your next bounty!

5. The same functionalities of the original MagicBand!

If you used the original MagicBand in the last decade, you will be pleased to know that the same features of MagicBand that we all love are still functional on the new MagicBand+! Room access, tickets, Genie+ entrance, Individual Lightning Lanes, room charges, Memory Maker photos and more are still available with MagicBand+!

MagicBand+ can be ordered at the Disney Store online, at gift shops on Disney World and Disneyland property, and at a discounted rate if you have an upcoming Walt Disney World trip booked and you order through your My Disney Experience account! You can pick out your MagicBand+ design when you are ordering, and there are so many colors and design options to choose from! These can be shipped right to your home if you do so at least two weeks before your trip. I highly recommend this method, as you will need to synch your band to your phone using Bluetooth and make sure your band and app are up to date on the latest software. This will provide the best experience in the parks!