As a Disney and Universal Travel Specialist, I’m here to help you with the who, what, where, when, and how of planning your next vacation. All of these things are key to making your next trip a magical one! Today, I want to talk about a question I’m often asked - “How can working with a Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist save money?”

I don’t know about you but I like to make lists to keep me organized. With that said, allow me to list my top 5 reasons of how we can save you money and even use the extra money to buy a few more Dole Whips!

  1. We know the most economical time to travel. If you are flexible with your travel dates, we know the downtimes that will be easier on your wallet. We also know the times to avoid so that you are not paying top dollar.
  2. A great way to help pay for your vacation is to make payments. When booking your Disney or Universal Studios package, you are not required to pay the balance in full. You pay the initial deposit, then as your travel agent, I can make payments to your reservation as you would like up until the final payment is due. This option gives you more time to pay for your vacation.
  3. Here is one of my favorite ways we can help you save. Many people don’t know that after your vacation is booked your travel agent is still monitoring your reservation for further savings! Disney and Universal Studios often release promotions that can add up to be a significant amount. Even if you booked before the promotion is released your agent is able to go in and modify your reservation for any further savings you may qualify for such as room, tickets, or even your dining package discounts.
  4. As a working mom, I don’t have a lot of extra time and we all know that time is money. We at Me and The Mouse Travel know Disney and Universal. We book hundreds of vacations a month. Our experience saves you from having to spend hours researching the perfect vacation. After learning about your family, we are able to customize vacation options just for you and within your budget. Anytime you need to make a change to your trip, we are the ones who will take care of it for you so you can spend your time how you need to.
  5. Are you ready for this? What we do is free. That’s right, free! We are compensated directly from Disney and Universal. Your package will not cost you any more by booking with us. In fact, there is a good chance we are going to do everything we can to save you money.

Me and The Mouse Travel agents are here to help you save money on your next vacation which leads to the most important take-a-way - MORE Dole Whips!