The Walt Disney Company is known for its high entertainment standard. When you enter the parks, you expect that level of entertainment with their parades, fireworks, rides, characters, and shows. Aside from the well-known fun that Disney offers, one show that does not want to go unnoticed is the Dapper Dans!! This is not to say they are not well known, but for those new to Disney Parks, they may not be on your radar but they should be.

This quartet of men can be found on Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland (since 1959) and Disney World (since 1971). What do they do exactly? They are a barbershop quartet that comes out to sing, harmonize, and tap dance for guest’s entertainment! Most are even members of the Barbershop Harmony Society! They perform during the daytime hours in the Magic Kingdom. Sometimes you will see them perform using Deagon Organ Chimes to add a little something extra to their show. These chimes were made by a company out of Chicago, Illinois in 1901.

Each show they perform is about 20 minutes, so it is a great chance to just step away from the long lines and step into a little something that is sure to make you smile!

Listen to Dapper Dans Voices Here.

How will you know where they are? Well, you will for sure hear their harmonies as you take a stroll down Main Street and you cannot miss their bright and coordinated and sometimes very colorful pinstripe suits. You may hear such songs as “Yankee Doodle Dandy”, “Mr. Sandman”, and “Zip-a-Dee Doo Dah”, just to name a few. You may have even seen them on a favorite TV show in the past.

They have appeared on shows such as:

*The Simpsons in 1993 (“Homer’s Barbershop Quartet”)
*Home Improvement in 1998 (“Adios”)
*Modern Family in 2012 (“Disneyland”)

During the unprecedented time of Covid-19, they still kept us entertained by featuring themselves through Disney Parks on YouTube! Just go to the Disney Parks channel on YouTube to find them or search for #VoicesFromHome.

If you want to ensure you get to hear this amazing group that has been around since the opening of Disney World and almost the full time in Disneyland, check the entertainment schedule for the day you visit to ensure you do not miss your chance to hear their flawless harmonies!