No Disney Fan’s adventures would be complete without a trip to Walt’s boyhood home of Marceline, MO!  Nestled about an hour and a half north of Columbia, MO, this quaint town exudes charm and Disney History around every corner!

Take the Disney tour of Marceline - the Walt Disney Hometown Museum containing personal letters, photos, and other Disney artifacts - guided by volunteers who met and housed Walt himself on his numerous visits “back home”. See where the Original Midget Autopia from Disneyland Park was relocated to at Walt Disney Municipal Park.

You can then visit the Disney Family Farm and the Disney well as see (what’s left of) Walt’s Dreaming Tree - where it’s said that Walt dreamed of being a cartoonist.

In the barn, leave your legacy by signing the interior walls, and bask in the wide open spaces of the surrounding farm.

Next, walk down the original “Main Street USA” and see the theater where Walt himself premiered the movie The Great Locomotive Chase to eager Marceline children - you might even be able to catch a movie there yourself!

Marceline’s Disney attractions are open roughly March 1 to October.  In September, Marceline celebrates ‘Toon Fest’ where cartoonists and artists from all over the country come to visit, teach, create, and gain new inspiration from the greatest dreamer of all. The Walt Disney Hometown Museum is the crown jewel in this adventure - and a historical trip you don't want to miss. Walt’s boyhood home is unique and very special to everyone who has visited.

A weekend trip is plenty of time to see all that Marceline has to offer, as well as all the history the Walt Disney Hometown Museum has preserved.  (updated 1.24.24) While the condo rental where we stayed during our visit is no longer operational, there are many NEW options available in the Marceline area that will allow you easy access to all that Marceline has to offer, as well as experience unique Disney touches! Hotel Marceline, Main Street Lofts, and the Marceline Mural Motel, all offer close stays, reasonable prices, and all the charm Walt's Boyhood home has to offer.

I know you’ll have a lovely time in Walt’s Boyhood Home. You’ll understand why Walt had such a connection here and why he did so much for them. Contact your Me and The Mouse agent to help you plan your trip to Marceline!

Amy Sowinski 

Travel Specialist