You are ready to set sail on an amazing, unforgettable vacation onboard your Disney Cruise ship. What do I need to know about tipping onboard my Disney Cruise?

Gratuities for services given throughout your cruise, including your stateroom hosts and restaurant servers are customarily given at the end of your cruise.       

Standard Gratuity Suggestions (per person, per night)

$4.75 (per passenger, per night) in automatic gratuity for your Server.
$3.75 (per passenger, per night) in automatic gratuity for your Assistant Server.
$1.25 (per passenger, per night) in automatic gratuity for your Head Server.
$4.75 (per passenger, per night) in automatic gratuity for your Stateroom Host.

    • Gratuities for spa services, room service, etc. can be added to your stateroom bill as you sail.
  • Some Drinks have a gratuity automatically added – any drinks, non-alcoholic or alcoholic, you order from a bartender will automatically have a 15% gratuity added. In addition, if you order a smoothie, bottled water, or alcohol from your server at dinner, they will add gratuity.
  • Tipping your driver and tour guide on excursions is customary. Bring cash with you for your excursion operators and drivers. US dollars are accepted just fine in many foreign ports (particularly in the Caribbean), but you can obtain foreign currency to use for tips at Guest Services onboard when needed.

    • Dining at Palo or Remy? Your gratuity is already included in the price of the meal. However, you will find that the table service provided at these restaurants is terrific. Only a small part of your bill actually goes towards a tip to your server. You may want to consider tipping additionally.
  • We recommend pre-paying your gratuities to simplify the last minute details. You can pre-pay your gratuities for your party up to 3 days before your vacation begins. Just let you Me and The Mouse Travel specialist know that you would like to pre-pay your gratuities. Then, on the final night of your cruise, you will receive your grauity envelopes and your tickets showing your prepaid gratuities. Simply put your tickets into your envelopes and deliver them to your servers and stateroom host the last evening of your cruise to show your appreciation for their service.

If you choose not to pre-pay your gratuities, the standard gratuity amounts, based on the length of your cruise, will automatically be added to your onboard account. To make changes to the gratuity amounts or to pay cash, please stop by Guest Services onboard your Disney Cruise ship anytime during your sailing.

A memorable cruise, full of Disney Magic, awaits you onboard your Disney Cruise ship!

Contact your Me and The Mouse Travel specialist to learn more about new and exciting cruise itineraries and let us help you prepare to set sail on a vacation of a lifetime