Our love for Disney started with animation, and the first Disney films we enjoyed as a family, so it’s no wonder that animation classes at Disney parks have been “our thing” for years! Although Disney has closed the Animation Academy at Hollywood Studios, you can now draw with a Disney animator at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s an experience that artists of all ages can enjoy!

Your adventure begins when you board a train headed for the Conservation Station. It’s a fun ride to get you to a remote area of the park to explore. You can choose to walk around and look at the conservation and educational stations set up, venture into the petting zoo, or enter the main building where you can try your hand at drawing a popular Disney animal character!

As with all Disney animation classes, you are provided with a board, paper, and a pencil. They will teach you to draw like a professional – no erasers allowed! Get acquainted with the featured animal by seeing one up close or on video before your animator takes you step by step through the drawing process.  When you are done, you will have your own piece of Disney art to bring home!

Didn’t come prepared? Don’t worry! You can now purchase a tube to carry your art around in. You can also purchase a frame for your art that Disney can ship home to you!

This experience takes about 20 minutes once the class begins. FastPasses are available, and if it’s not a busy day, you can take part in the drawing classes every 30 minutes! No character is repeated on the same day, so you could come home with quite a collection!

Nancy Wideman

Travel Specialist