Who said a Disney Cruise was only for kids?? Surely, not your travel specialist at Me and The Mouse Travel!  A Disney Cruise is fun for all ages and the adult entertainment on any Disney Cruise is exciting, entertaining, and just what you need to unwind at night! So, send the kiddos to the Oceaneer’s Club for the evening then over to the Nightclub and Lounge district on your ship after 9 pm. This is a chance to experience adult-themed entertainment such as game shows, trivia, karaoke, and so much more!  Disney knows that adults expect nightlife and they do deliver!

On most nights, one event scheduled let’s you get your groove on without disturbing anyone else on the ship!  Late night, around 10:30 or 11:00 pm, the nightclub aboard your ship will turn into a dance club...silently! “But HOW” you might be asking?  Well, with a very cool activity called ‘Silent DJ’ (and sometimes called Silent Disco)! Silent DJ consists of a DJ, spinning tunes on 3 different channels - top 40, best of 80s/90s, and dealer’s choice (ours changed both times) while you wear special wireless, high-quality sound headphones that tune to each channel!

Your headphones glow blue, green, or red, depending upon the channel you are connected to so that you can match your friends and rock out to your favorite jam together! You can switch channels on one ear piece and adjust your volume on the other. Viewing this party, the room is silent from onlookers, there’s no other noise than voices, and those singing along (off key mostly) to the song in their headphones.  Everyone has a blast dancing the night away!

It’s such an ingenious way for adults to not only have a club-like experience but also to keep from disturbing any staterooms located above that nightclub!  It’s an experience we kept coming back to. Fun, silly, and downright magical!

Be sure to check out Silent DJ on your next Disney Cruise. Your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist can help you get there. Contact them today!

Amy Sowinski

Travel Specialist