With over $600 of included amenities on your Virgin Voyage, you can count on room service as one of those amenities as well! “ShipEats!” is a unique onboard room service option that can be ordered from your Virgin Voyages app, or your in-room tablet.

While aboard the Scarlet Lady, I wanted to be sure I experienced as much of the food as I possibly could! And who wouldn’t - with Michelin chefs on board, everything was absolutely amazing. But sometimes, sometimes you just want to hang out on your balcony in your hand crafted hammock and snack, or maybe early mornings at a restaurant just aren’t your thing. ShipEats! is your solution!

ShipEats! menus are accessible via your VV app, and include meals, snacks, and drinks, that are included with your voyage cost. Some items on the menu are from the various restaurants on the ship. There are some items, like alcoholic beverages and specialty dishes that do come at a charge, but are charged to your shipboard account. NO TIP NECESSARY! Tips are included in your voyage fare, and ShipEats! is no exception to that rule.

Depending on how busy restaurants and The Galley are will determine the delivery time to your room. However, if you wanted to order breakfast for the next morning - simply place your order before 1am in the app, and choose your delivery time in the morning. Your doorbell will ring with a smiling crewmate handing you an insulated dry-bag with your ShipEats! goodies!

We opted to order sodas to the room, charcuterie and cheese, desserts, and breakfast. Breakfast was my favorite. After brunch at Razzle Dazzle, I fell in love with a jalapeno cheese croissant - and it was available for ShipEats! I ordered it every morning.

The insulated dry bags keep your hot food hot and cold things cold. They are convenient, portable, and easy to clean up. Simply leave them in your room before your steward cleans and they will remove, or place outside your door.

**Please note, for those NOT in a Rock Star Suite - there is a $7 charge for all ShipEats deliveries that do not include a paid item. So anything that is free can be ordered in any amount, but a $7 charge will apply to your cabin bill. However, if you order beer, wine, premium bevvies, coffee, etc, that do cost $$, the delivery fee is waived. (updated 1.24.24)

ShipEats! was one of the highlights of our cruise - especially with the wide range of foods and drinks to choose from, as well as not having to worry about tipping! On your next Virgin Voyage, I hope you use ShipEats!

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