During my latest trip to Walt Disney World, I visited the Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom. What a fun place to check out!!! The entire place has a whole new look and layout with lots of new sweet treats to try.

I was so excited to try the new “build your own” candied popcorn that you can customize!

The “Kernel Kitchen” has three different types of popcorn to choose from: butter, caramel, and cheddar. After you select your type of popcorn, you can choose your candy toppings (M&M’s, Skittles, Snickers, Twix, crunched cookies, marshmallows, pretzel pieces, and more!)

To finish off your popcorn, you can select from three different types of syrups offered: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or caramel.

Guests can get customized popcorn with two toppings and syrup for $12.99 or three toppings and syrup for $13.99.

Each additional topping is $1.00 and all popcorn is eligible for the Annual Passholder discount.

For my first-time experience, I selected half and half caramel and butter popcorn, crunched Twix, and pretzel pieces covered with milk chocolate! It was heaven! The popcorn was tossed perfectly before going into a bag to enjoy.

This was such a fun treat to make and snack on while walking through the park!