Vacations are meant to be a time to get away from daily mundane chores …but there seems to be one chore that follows us…LAUNDRY!

Whether you’re planning on doing laundry to avoid doing it once you are home,  or you don’t want to overpack and need to wear clothing more than one day, or simply because your kids made a mess and clothing needs to be laundered, Disney has you covered!!

Guests staying on Disney property have access to self-service laundry service right at the resort!


Location for self-service laundry varies.  At check-in, you’re given a map of your resort.  If it’s not clear where the laundry rooms are, ask the Cast Member at check-in their location.  Many resorts have them conveniently located near the pools. So, while your laundry is going, you can enjoy pool time!


Credit and debit cards are accepted.  There may still be SOME locations with coin-operated washers, but keep in mind, some locations are credit/debit card ONLY.

In addition to paying for the washer and dryer, you can also purchase soap from the vending machines if you didn’t bring your own.


Standing around waiting for laundry is as exciting as watching paint dry!  Luckily, you can get a text message when a laundry cycle is complete! This allows you to maximize relaxation time.


In addition to the public laundry rooms, there’s dry cleaning & valet laundry services available.

This service is available at all resorts.  To use it:

  1. Simply pack up the clothing you want dry cleaned or laundered.
  2. Select housekeeping on your in-room phone.
  3. Schedule a pickup.

Price lists for this service are listed on the in-room bags.

NOTE:  If you’re staying at Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, or Caribbean Beach, you will drop off dry cleaning or laundry at Bell Services before 9 AM.

Services are charged to your room.  Pay them before checkout or, if you have a credit card on file, these charges are on your itemized bill the morning of checkout.


In-room washer and dryers are present in one- or two-bedroom villas!  If you have forgotten your detergent, you’re given a complimentary single-use box of laundry detergent.  Additional boxes can be purchased at the community laundry room or through housekeeping.

Another great feature when it comes to laundry at Disney, is the use of Laundry View!  This site is great for locating available laundry self-service locations at your resort.  Once you choose the laundry room, it gives you a live image of the washers/dryers in use so that you know availability of the machines before hauling your things to the location.  You can also view the “busy times” from this site to help pick non-peak times to get your clothes laundered.

Although laundry is not an ideal chore to bring on vacation, there is no place I would rather be doing my laundry than in Disney World!  So pack your detergent and minimize the time at home recouping from a week’s long trip.